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Home Blog Buying Bitcoin has never been easier. Centralized exchanges allow you to buy Bitcoin and other crypt
Article by Yunis
15 July 2022 (Updated 24 May 2024)

Buying Bitcoin has never been easier. Centralized exchanges allow you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

Besides buying Bitcoin on an exchange, you can buy it at an ATM or through CashApp or PayPal by using fiat currency.
How to Buy Bitcoin and other cryptcurrencies
  • Centralized exchanges are super easy with a user-friendly interface
  • The number of Bitcoin ATMs is increasing fast in western countries
  • You can buy your first Bitcoin directly into your software wallet on your phone.
  • Self custody wallet apps are easy to use.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency with a proven history. Bitcoin network has been working with no issue since its launch in 2009 as a decentralized peer-to-peer cash system. Bitcoin adoption reached an incredible level and was accepted as a payment and transfer method by individuals and corporations worldwide. There are even some countries that accept Bitcoin as a legal tender, such as El Salvador and The Central African Republic.

There are other successful cryptocurrencies following Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, XRP, ADA, and Doge. They are designed as a cryptocurrency built on a blockchain like Bitcoin but have differences in fundamentals. In the early days of crypto, it was not very easy to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Today, there are many ways to make the first purchase of crypto and trade it with another one. Here are the ways how to buy Bitcoin;

  • Through exchanges
  • Using Cash App or PayPal
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • Using gift cards or cash

Buying Bitcoin through exchanges

Crypto trade and exchange platforms are playing a key role in the market. There are centralized and decentralized platforms. Centralized platforms are private companies that make it easy to buy, sell, trade, and exchange cryptocurrencies with a user-friendly interface. Centralized exchanges generally accept local currency. Here is a quick list of local fiat accepting exchanges by region. You can simply deposit fiat currency to your account on those exchanges and convert them to Bitcoin or other crypto assets.

Buying Bitcoin in the USA - Coinbase, Binance.US,, Gemini, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Robinhood.

Buying Bitcoin in Europe - Kraken, Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Gemini, BitPanda, and BitMEX

Buying Bitcoin in the United Kingdom - Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, and BitPanda

Buying Bitcoin in Canada -, Binance, Coinbase, BitBuy, Kraken, WealthSimple, CoinSmart.

Anyone can sign-up with one of those crypto exchange platforms and deposit money directly from a bank account. You can later convert your fiat money to any crypto you want on the platforms. Listed cryptocurrencies vary by platform. Some platforms have a larger selection of currencies; some have only a few. All platforms have the first 10 or 20 top cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Buying Bitcoin using CashApp or PayPal

Thanks to crypto exchanges, it is super easy now. In the early days of crypto, there were not so many possibilities, and the purchase of crypto was a little techy. Creating your own software wallet and getting your Bitcoin transferred there is an option if you want to stay anonymous or you prefer to hold your coins in your custody.

You can install the Blue Wallet app on your phone and buy Bitcoin by using the Cash app directly to your own software wallet under your custody. you can read FROM ZERO TO SELF CUSTODY article from BitcoinMagazine and learn how to do it.

You can also use PayPal to buy crypto. You can simply visit the PayPal website and follow the instructions. PayPal is a popular money transfer platform, and it is safe.

Buying Bitcoin at an ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are mushrooming all over the western developed countries. You can see a Bitcoin ATM in a Walmart or in a Cardenas. Buying Bitcoin at an ATM can be a little pricey. They are convenient, but the spread between buying and selling prices is wider than an exchange.

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