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Home Blog The effects of the Luna crash, rate increases from the FED, and bankrupcies of Major players are fad
Article by Yunis
1 August 2022 (Updated 20 July 2024)

The effects of the Luna crash, rate increases from the FED, and bankrupcies of Major players are fading. July is the most bullish in 2022 since October 2021.

Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem are growing. The US giant Fidelity Investments offer a Bitcoin retirement plan. The plan raised eyebrows in the US Senate.
The Most Bullish Month in 2022. What is Bitcoin 401(k)?
  • July 2022 is the most bullish month since October 2021.
  • FED keeps increasing interest rates while the recession is on the corner.
  • Fidelity Investments to offer a Bitcoin retirement plan for employees.
  • AAVE is preparing to launch its stablecoin GHO

July is a relief after months of a downtrend and the best month since October 2021. Bitcoin price is %17 up. It is finally time to discuss whether the Bitcoin price is in dip or not by the end of July 2022. It seems like dust is settling after Voyager Digital and Celsius filed bankruptcy in July. No big major bankruptcy news is on the radar so far.
The US economy shrank first two quarters of 2022, and recession is right around the corner. The Fed raised interest rates by 0.75 in the last week of July. The next meeting might end with a %1 increase, but the good thing is that there is not much room for an interest rate increase for the other meetings after the next.
The fear of the FED interest rate increase and another Luna-like crash is fading. Stablecoin discussions are still a hot topic; AAVE’s overcollateralized GHOst is on the way. Justin’s Tron’s USDD still offers a very high APR. Central banks step in for CBDCs. New innovative institutional investment tools are on the market in the crypto world. 

New Bitcoin instuments

2021 was fruitful as corporations and financial institutions adopted Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Big banks, retirement funds, and hedge funds started taking place in crypto and spared some funds for crypto investments in a benefit of the doubt. New institutional investment tools such as Bitcoin mortgage loans are launched. You can even buy a house with your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
After Bitcoin mortgage loans, another milestone is Bitcoin retirement plans. According to news, US giant Fidelity Investments started offering its employees a Bitcoin 401(k) plan and said that they see strong demand for Bitcoin retirement plans from their employers. The company announced that the demand encourages new crypto fintech startups to bloom.

What is Bitcoin 401(k)

401 (k) plan is a retirement savings plan for American employees. When you work, your employer deducts a certain percentage from your paycheck and transfers it to a special saving account that has some tax benefits. The funds on the 401(k) savings account are used for investments by authorized custodians.
Fidelity Investments is the largest 401(k) custodian and holds one-third of all of the funds in 401 (k) accounts in the United States. The company manages over $2 Trillion dollar in 401 (k) accounts.
Fidelity’s Bitcoin 401(k) plans are met with displeasure by some US senators, including Elizabeth Warren, Dick Durbin, and Tina Smith. The senators sent a letter to Fidelity’s CEO Abigail Johnson, expressing their concerns about the bitcoin retirement plan and asked for a deep explanation of the programme. The letter stated that Americans’ «hard-earned» savings should be invested carefully, and the plan should be deeply discussed.

AAVE’s Ghost

GHO Stablecoin is proposed and accepted by the AAVE, which is one of the leading DeFi DAOs. AAVE is a decentralized saving, loans, and trading platform. The platform has a big community, and over $9 billion in assets are locked. Leading crypto savings and loans platforms Compound and Maker are the rivals. Maker already has its own stablecoin.

Justin’s USDD

Justin’s USDD is gaining ground and increasing its market cap. But it is criticized that the algorithm behind USDD is very similar to Luna’s UST and the only difference is the collateral rate. Tron network has the second largest stablecoin market cap. Many users prefer to send USDT over the Tron Network because of fast and cheap transactions.

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