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15 September 2022 (Updated 29 May 2023)

How to Follow Venture Capital Crypto Investments

A growing number of venture capital (VC) funds are emerging that focus heavily or purely on the blockchain and crypto space. We take a look at the biggest funds and where they have invested.
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Over recent years a number of investment funds have emerged that are focused mainly or entirely on the crypto and blockchain space. This includes some of the worlds biggest VC funds such as Andreessen Horowitz's a16z fund, and family office funds such as Winklevoss Capital.

A number of successful crypto companies and exchanges have also launched their own VC funds such as Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Capital Portfolio and LedgerPrime.

Watching VC fund investments can be a useful strategy in identifying which cryptos the big investors are bullish about and may help in developing your own investment strategy.

Many VCs will aggressively push for growth in their investment companies and are able to offer a significant support network to help the growth of the business.


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