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Article by Yunis
13 October 2022 (Updated 24 May 2024)

Web3 allows individuals to become a part of online apps and web pages. Users are not only content creators but also benefit from content-creation revenue.

Web2 led internet giants to be born and gave the internet a centralized character. Web3 is an uprise against centralization and puts individuals first in front of corporations.
WEB3; The Decentralized Internet of the Future
  • Web1 is primitive form of the web starting in 90s and lasting until 2004
  • Web2, which we have been using for the last 20 years, is also known as the read-write web.
  • Web2 has led giant internet companies to be born and led the internet to become centralized.
  • Web3 is a decentralized internet as the write-read-own web.

The history of the Internet

The Internet was first invented in 1983, but it took more than 20 years for individuals to utilize that invention. The government and scientists were using the Internet in the early days. The Internet became commercialized for consumers only after 1995. Since then, internet technology has shown great progress and has become a vital need for humanity. We use the Internet for everything we use now. We are somehow connected to many different apps and services through the Internet.
Web, also known as the world wide web, is a software that enables different users of the Internet to use and share content together. The web is an interconnected network with hypertext or hypermedia support. The web became the main platform for individuals to read, write, create, and share content online. The web is the web page we use in the simplest explanation. The web also has shown a big achievement with the Internet and has phases.

What is web1?

Web1 is the first form of the web, starting from the last half of the 90s lasting until 2005. Web1 is simply explained as the read-only web. Because there were consumers of content and the creators were developers. The web pages were very simple and provided static content such as plain text and images.

What is web2?

Web2 is our world’s web. Most of us have experience only with web2. Web2 started in 2005 and is still in use now. Web2 allows users to participate online, contribute to the pages, and interactively participate in an online platform.
You can create a post just with a few clicks and share it with millions of other people on web2. You don’t have to know coding or programming to create content online. Web2 already has the required fundamental coding that allows you to create and share content online without needing any coding knowledge. The apps and websites are built in a way that allows their users to interact with content creation. Web2 is also known as the read-write web.
The biggest outcome of the web2 period is giant internet companies. Once you create an app or a website, you can reach every single person on earth who has an internet connection. So the leading internet companies with a reach to big funds started growing aggressively and now are used by billions of people all around the world. Web2 is characteristically centralized.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the future of the Internet with a decentralized character. Web2 internet is hosted by private companies’ servers and controlled by giant internet corporations and governments. Thanks to blockchain technology, we are able to host apps and websites from a randomly chosen anonymous server. Blockchain networks are built by different peer-to-peer servers (nodes). Actions on decentralized blockchain networks are irreversible. Logs are eternally recorded.
Web3 started with Ethereum’s foundation. Ethereum is the leading web3 blockchain network to empower decentralized apps. Dapps (decentralized apps) are permissionless and trustless. It means every user has equal access and authority on a Dapp. You don’t need permission to execute an order. If the order is good with the terms of the smart contract built on the blockchain, it will be automatically executed.

Why is it important?

Blockchain technology allows us to claim ownership of digital work. Decentralized apps and web pages work independently from hosts’ manipulation. Any action recorded on a blockchain is unalterable. If you record any digital work on a blockchain, the owner will always have solid proof of ownership.

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