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Article by Yunis
19 October 2022 (Updated 17 April 2024)

Web3 projects are expected to play an essential role in the next bull cycle of crypto. Early web3 projects accept individuals to their communities and reward them for contributions.

Aptos blockchain network is launched on 17 October in almost all major exchanges. There are many early-stage web3 projects that are developed during the bear market.
WEB3 project Aptos is Live! Ambassador Programs for early Web3 Projects
  • FTX, Binance, and Coinbase are among Aptos Blockchain Network investors.
  • Aptos aims to provide safe and fast transactions as a decentralized network.
  • InvArch Network is a web3 project in testing
  • Massa, Subspace, Inery, and Nulink blockchain projects have ambassador programs.

APTOS - Web3 blockchain network project with big names

Aptos network that is introduced as ‹Solana Killer› is built on its Aptos blockchain and went live on 17 October after months of testing. The project was founded by former Meta (Facebook) employees and received $200 Million in the funding round. The project is backed by major crypto players, including FTX Ventures, Coinbase and Binance Labs. 3 Arrows capital, Multicoin Capital, Katie Haun, and Tiger Global are among the supporting VCs in the funding round.

The project Aptos later went for a series A round and raised $150 Million last July. Well-known names in crypto like Andreessen Horowitz, Apollo, Franklin Templeton and Circle Ventures became investors in the project. The project so far has a valuation of over $1 Billion with strong investor support. 

Aptos Blockchain Network is a Layer-1 blockchain network that aims to solve blockchain trilemma. The project is targeting to create a network that provides a safe, scalable, and upgradable blockchain. Aptos blockchain claims to be a decentralized network that is able to host decentralized apps for web3.

Solana, Avalanche and Luna blockchain networks stood out for being fast and scalable blockchain solutions during the last bull run. Luna blockchain crashed and caused billions of dollars to evaporate. Luna Crash is known as crypto's Merrill Lynch. Solana blockchain suffered several outages and lost confidence. Avalanche blockchain still has a limited number of validators and is far from being decentralized.

Launch of APT coins

The APT coin is the native coin of the Aptos blockchain Network. The APT coin is listed on almost all major exchanges, including FTX, Binance, BTCEX, OKX, Bitrue, and XT.COM. Despite the big names behind the project, the launch was chaotic. Price disparity occurred during the launch. There were different prices on different exchanges.

Firstly, the tokenomics of the project is unclear and not understood well by the masses. Questions were raised after the project didn't publish tokenomics on the official website. It is not very clear what the maximum supply of the coins is and what the circulating supply is. Is there going to be a vesting period for VCs and early investors? There are still many unanswered questions. The Aptos Foundation's official Twitter account later shared a tweet explaining the tokenomics. Another big red flag is the high allocation (49%) for investors and developers. Twenty million coins are airdropped to early contributor community members. Individuals can participate in TestNets of new projects and can get rewards before the launch of the MainNet. Many promising web3 projects are still in testing. 


InvArch is a community-supported Layer-1 blockchain network project for web3. The project is still in testing, and it already has a big community. InvArch has raised $1.75M in funding so far. InvArch Network aims to create a network where users can store and index special kinds of NFTs that are expanded to all kinds of digital works. InvArch's innovative cross-chain NFT solution is for protecting digital intellectual properties.

InvArch Network has an ambassador program for individuals who want to take part early in a project and contribute to developments. You can join the project's Discord channel and apply to become an ambassador. 

Early web3 projects with ambassador programs

There are other blockchain projects in development with ambassador programs. Massa, Subspace, Inery, and  Nulink blockchain projects are accepting new members to their communities.








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