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List of All Algorand Coins and Cryptocurrencies
July 2024

Algorand is one of the Ethereum-like blockchains and allows users to create apps using smart contracts on the blockchain.

Algorand Blockchain
Algorand is an open-source, decentralized blockchain network. Algorand Network is one of those «Ethereum killer» competitor networks. Algorand blockchain is a Proof of Stake (PoS) network secured with Byzantine consensus. Algo coin stake-holders can earn rewards like block producers.
Algorand defines itself as an institutional-grade blockchain. Algorand claims to solve blockchain's trilemma; scalability, security, and decentralization. ALGO is faster than the Ethereum network, but it is doubtful if Algo is more decentralized than Ethereum.
ALGO is the native coin of the Algorand blockchain network. ALGO coins are used to secure the network's operability and reward participants. ALGO, with its market cap exceeding $2 billion, is among the top 40 cryptocurrencies. ALGO holders can stake their coins and earn rewards.

Advantages of ALGO

Algorand is a promising network with claims to solve blockchain's trilemma. The network has a low level-level of adoption yet, but there has been no hack or failure in the network's history. The network has been working without any reset or downtime. Some other Ethereum-killer competitors have failed to sustain such a performance. For example, the Solana network has suffered outages more than once.
Algo stands out with institutional partners. Algo has many state-sponsored projects built on the network. The founder Silvio Micali is a scientist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are different projects built on the network aiming to help the environment. Planets token from PlanetWatch and Carbon credit token from Carbon Credit startup is among the Dapps on the Algorand blockchain.

Disadvantages of ALGO

The biggest down about ALGO is the low level of adoption. The Algorand blockchain doesn't have a big number of active users and wallets on the network yet. The number of apps built on the Algorand blockchain network is limited too. It is very much likely to see an increase in adoption levels in the future.


OPUL is the Opulous platform's native token. Opulous platform is an innovative blockchain startup aiming to create a marketplace for musicians' works. The opulous platform stands out with Music Fungible Tokens (MFT). MFTs are like NFT but for music. Artists can mint MFTs to tokenize their works on the Algorand blockchain and sell them on the platform.

Carbon Credit Token

Carbon Credit Token (CCT) is built on Algorand blockchain and aims to apply the carbon ecosystem to blockchain technology. CCT represents one kilogram of European Union Allowance (EUA). CCT is a very innovative real-life solution on a blockchain. CCT is the most traded carbon credit in the world.




Planets tokens are built on the algorand blockchain and a native currency of Planet Watch company. Planet tokens can be used to purchase real-time air quality data credits. Planet Watch is France based company providing data on air quality in specific locations.


AlgoStable (STBL)


AlgoStable is a stablecoin that is pegged to one US Dollar. The stablecoin STBL is created by the platform AlgoFi which is a decentralized crypto exchange and trading platform. STBL stablecoin has a very low market cap.

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Algorand Coin Comparisons

Article by Yunis
16 August 2022 (Updated 15 September 2022)
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