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List of All Crowdfunding Coins and Cryptocurrencies
June 2024

There are many ways to invest in new crypto startups before they kick off. Launchpad platforms allow you to invest new projects by holding the platform's native tokens.

What are Crowdfunding coins?

Evolving crypto markets produce new innovative products, and crowdfunding platforms are one of the most innovative blockchain solutions. Crypto crowdfunding is similar to stock market initial public offerings (IPO). When there is a new blockchain startup, it can be a game, DeFi, or metaverse project using blockchain technology; the project goes for an initial coin offering (ICO). Developers seek funds and sell a part of the crypto assets that can be used to purchase services or merch from the startup.
Initial coin offerings are a good opportunity to acquire some coins before the project kicks off. The founder raises funds to start a startup and maintain the operations until the business model begins generating enough revenue. Early investors can make big profits by entering the project early.
There are now two types of ICO, the first one is traditional ICO, and the second one is DAICO. DAICO is a developed version and a more secure way. There have been bad experiences with ICOs during the previous bull market. During the bull market, there are many new projects on the market, and they try to raise funds. The problem with ICO is that the startup gets the funds upfront at the beginning, and later, project executives can spend the funds however they like.

What is DAICO?

Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offerings (DAICO) is a new type of ICO with more security features. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin first offered the DAICO model in 2018. What is distinguished about DAICOs is fund management. A crowdfunding platform lists a new project and raises money, but the platform doesn’t give all the funds to the project’s executives. The funds are released within a predetermined time frame. If the project doesn’t show good signs with operations and financials, the crowdfunding platform may refuse to fund the project and return funds to investors.


Popular crowdfunding platform coins

Crypto crowdfunding mechanisms have shown a big development in recent years, and now there are very good platforms where you can find invest in good startups. The most popular crowdfunding platforms are Avalaunch, Polkastarter, Solanium, Binance launchpad and launchpool, and Maker DAO. Those platforms have their native coins. XAVA, POLS, SLIM, DAO. Holding and staking the platforms’ native coins gives you some advantages.
Users get allocation depending on their coin holdings. For example, suppose you have five hundred XAVA tokens and stake them on the Avalaunch platform. In that case, you will get more allocation compared to another user who has only hundered XAVA tokens staked on the platform.

Investing in crypto startups

Investing in a new startup is always a risky investment. A good startup is only possible with a good leader and team behind a good idea. If you believe that a startup has a good point and innovative solution, the founder is capable of managing the startup and has a good team with him, then investing in a startup may have a great return in the long term.
But there were many bad experiences in the previous bull run. The crypto market was overheated, money was flowing in the market, and everyone wanted to get their shares. Many new crypto startups were run, and they all raised funds from investors. When the bull run ended, only a few of them stayed alive. Most just vanished.

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Crowdfunding Coin Comparisons

Article by Yunis
16 August 2022 (Updated 15 June 2024)
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