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Dash is an Altcoin forked from Bitcoin. Dash is governed by the longest-running Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAO is created by MasterNodes. Anyone can become a node on the network, but becoming a MasterNode has particular requirements and benefits. Dash stands out with its ultra-fast transactions, and the network is privacy-centric.

With a total market cap of over $357 million, Dash is the No. 187 cryptocurrency by market size. The currency symbol for Dash is DASH and it was launched in January 2014. Dash uses the X11 hashing algorithm and it has a blocktime of 2 minutes. There will only ever be 1 million Dash tokens issued. So far 505 million tokens (50531.1% of the total supply) have been issued.

We found crypto protocols offering up to 5.5% APY on Dash deposits (5.5% APY CeFi) and loans as low as 20% APR against Dash used as collateral. Check out our Dash staking yields table and Dash loan rates table for further details.

Dash Price History

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7 Days


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1 Year
All Time Low
$0.214 USD
14 Feb 2014
10 years and 126 days ago
All Time High
$1,494 USD
20 Dec 2017
6 years and 181 days ago

Will the Price of Dash Go Up or Down?

The technical price analysis for Dash below is undertaken automatically by Tradingview by looking at over 20 different technical chart indicators. You can see how many of these indicators were BUY, NEUTRAL or SELL at the bottom of the chart. The indicators will change depending on what time frame you are looking at. The analysis does not consider market sentiment or broader macro issues that may affect the price of Dash.

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Dash FAQs

ADash was launched in January 2014.
AThe blocktime for Dash is 2 minutes. Blocktime is the time interval between new blocks being added to the blockchain. Some people argues that slower blocktimes are more secure and scalable and that faster blocktimes allow faster transactions. It is a highly debatable topic in the crypto community.
ADash uses the hasing algortihm X11.
AThe highest price that Dash ever reached was $1,493.59 USD. This all time high price occured on 20 Dec 2017.
AThe lowest price that Dash ever reached was $0.2139 USD. This all time low price occured on 14 Feb 2014.
AYes you can find the Dash Reddit channel at
AYes Dash is mineable which means that new coins can be created by miners working on the network.
ADash uses a x11 hybrid-pow-pos concensus algorithm.
AYes, staking is available for Dash on a number of platforms. For a full list of Dash staking yields see our list of Dash staking yields.
AYou can earn up to 5.5% APY by staking your Dash tokens. Check out our Dash staking yields table for further details.
ARight now the best staking rates are on YouHodler with an income rate of up to 5.5% APY.
AYou can check the technical indicators for Dash on the Dash Price Trend tab. These indicators are based on the analysis of multiple trading signals for Dash.
AYou can find the cheapest exchange on which to buy Dash on the Dash Buy tab.
AAlmost all Dash loans require you to provide collateral of higher value than the value of the loan that you are tkaing it. The only exception to this is Dash flash loans which allow you to borrow uncollateralised Dash for a few seconds as part of a wider transaction. You will need advanced coding skills to take advantage of flahs loans. You can compare all Dash loans on the Dash Loans tab.

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