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Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to address the issue of high gas fees and slow transaction times on the Ethereum network. It is designed to allow for faster and cheaper transactions while still maintaining the security and decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain.

Arbitrum uses a technology called "optimistic rollups" to bundle multiple transactions into a single batch, which reduces the overall gas fees and speeds up the transaction processing time. It achieves this by making use of off-chain computation and only committing to the Ethereum mainnet when necessary. This enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) that can scale to handle large amounts of users and transactions without clogging the Ethereum network.

Arbitrum also provides interoperability with the Ethereum network, allowing users to seamlessly move assets and data between the two networks. This makes it easy for developers to leverage the existing ecosystem and infrastructure of Ethereum while taking advantage of Arbitrum's scalability and cost-efficiency.

The native token of the Arbitrum network is called ARB. It is used to pay for transaction fees and is also used as collateral for staking in the network. As the adoption of Arbitrum grows, the demand for ARB is expected to increase.

Arbitrum is a promising scaling solution for Ethereum that addresses the network's scalability and cost issues. It offers a fast, efficient, and secure way to process transactions on the Ethereum network, while also providing interoperability with other blockchain networks.

Arbitrum is ranked No. 36 by CoinMarketCap. The currency symbol for Arbitrum is ARB.

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The technical price analysis for Arbitrum below is undertaken automatically by Tradingview by looking at over 20 different technical chart indicators. You can see how many of these indicators were BUY, NEUTRAL or SELL at the bottom of the chart. The indicators will change depending on what time frame you are looking at. The analysis does not consider market sentiment or broader macro issues that may affect the price of Arbitrum.

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Arbitrum FAQs

AArbitrum is part of the Ethereum and Arbitrum Ecosytem ecosystems.
AYou can check the technical indicators for Arbitrum on the Arbitrum Price Trend tab. These indicators are based on the analysis of multiple trading signals for Arbitrum.
AYou can find the cheapest exchange on which to buy Arbitrum on the Arbitrum Buy tab.
AThe following venture capital firms have invested in Arbitrum: Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital.

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