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Compare AQRU vs Coinbase

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Pros & Cons

tick Simple, easy to use interface.
tick Competitive exchange rates.
tick Competitive interest rates for large deposits.
tick Clear ownership structure and regulatory status.
tick Run by strong, professional team.
tick No tiered savings rates. Rate applies to entire balance.
tick Unique AQRU Trend investment product
tick AQRU Ten makes it easy to diversify your crypto portfolio
tick Higher rating on Trustpilot than Coinbase (3.9 vs 1.6 stars)
tick Has email support but Coinbase doesn't
tick The largest crypto exchange in the US
tick Simple, easy to understand interface
tick Fully regulated in the US
tick Earn crypto for watching educational videos
tick Higher average review rating than AQRU (94% vs 80%)
tick More reviews than AQRU (1,702,055 vs 11 reviews)
tick Been in business longer than AQRU (Founded 2012 vs 2021)
tick Has less assets under management than AQRU
tick Offers loans but AQRU doesn't
tick Has 24/7 support but AQRU doesn't
tick Has phone support but AQRU doesn't
tick Interface supports French, Argentinian-Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Portuguese-Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Thai, Chilean Spanish, Peruvian Spanish and Colombian Spanish whereas AQRU doesn't
Earnings Rates
tick AQRU will pay interest on USD Coin (USDC) stable coin deposits whereas Coinbase does not
tick AQRU will pay interest on Bitcoin (BTC) crypto currency deposits whereas Coinbase does not
1 more earnings rates pro ...
Earnings Rates
tick Coinbase will pay interest on Dai (DAI) stable coin deposits whereas AQRU does not
tick Coinbase has a higher base earnings rate for Ethereum (ETH) (4.5% vs 2%)
2 more earnings rates pros ...
cross High $20 fee for crypto withdrawls.
cross Limited number of coins supported.
cross Loans not available.
cross Need to manually fund savings accounts rather all deposits automatically earning interest.
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80% based on 11 reviews
94% based on 1,702,055 reviews
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Earnings Rates

The table below compares the earnings rates for AQRU and Coinbase. Enter the amount you intend to deposit to get a more detailed comparison.