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How Much is 1 BTC in USD?

1 Bitcoin (BTC) is equal to 0.0523473 US Dollars (USD). Use the currency conversion tool below to convert any Bitcoin amount into US Dollars. The price of BTC in USD 365 days ago was 29,852.6 USD and is now 61,238.4 USD, representing a 105.1% increase over this period.
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BTC / USD Exchange Rate History

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Bitcoin (BTC) in US Dollars (USD)

10 BTC in USD = 0.523473 USD
50 BTC in USD = 2.61736 USD
100 BTC in USD = 5.23473 USD
500 BTC in USD = 26.1736 USD
1,000 BTC in USD = 52.3473 USD
5,000 BTC in USD = 261.736 USD
10,000 BTC in USD = 523.473 USD
50,000 BTC in USD = 2,617.36 USD
100,000 BTC in USD = 5,234.73 USD
500,000 BTC in USD = 26,173.6 USD
1,000,000 BTC in USD = 52,347.3 USD
5,000,000 BTC in USD = 261,736 USD
10,000,000 BTC in USD = 523,472.9999999999 USD

US Dollars (USD) in Bitcoin (BTC)

1 USD in BTC = 19.1032 BTC
5 USD in BTC = 95.516 BTC
10 USD in BTC = 191.032 BTC
50 USD in BTC = 955.16 BTC
100 USD in BTC = 1,910.32 BTC
500 USD in BTC = 9,551.6 BTC
1,000 USD in BTC = 19,103.2 BTC
5,000 USD in BTC = 95,516 BTC
10,000 USD in BTC = 191,032 BTC
50,000 USD in BTC = 955,160 BTC
100,000 USD in BTC = 1,910,320 BTC
500,000 USD in BTC = 9,551,600 BTC
1,000,000 USD in BTC = 19,103,200 BTC
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BTC to USD Conversion FAQs

A1 BTC is worth 61,238.4 USD
ABitcoin has been strengthening against the US Dollars over the last 365 days. Today the BTC / USD exchange rate is 105.1% higher than it was 365 days ago.
AEach crypto exchange has a slightly different focus and fee structure. Some exchanges are focused on simplicity and ease of use, however they may offer a slightly more expensive rate. Others are professional exchanges that can handle advanced order types and have smaller spreads meaning they can offer more competitive rates. Some exchanges will charge no exchange fee, but will effectively build a fee into a higher exchange rate.
AYou can earn up to 6% APY on Bitcoin at Ledn, or go to our Bitcoin savings table to compare more rates.
ABitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, launched back in 2009 and today it remains the largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization more than double that of its nearest competitor. Whilst Bitcoin has less features than other cryptocurrencies, its robust security, fixed supply and fully decentralized characteristics have helped it retain its status as the king of crypto.

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