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August 2022

Crypto Portfolio Optimiser

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The DeFinda crypto portfolio optimiser is a unique tool that will review your investment preferences and use them to design a bespoke investment strategy that maximises your income whilst balancing your risk.

Decentralised YouTube Alternatives

You may have noticed more and more videos and channels getting banned from YouTube for not having the right opinion. Channels discussing cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance are particularly susceptible to this type of action. Thankfully there's a new generation of video sharing platforms emerging that are censorship resistant. Even better some of these channels have fewer adverts and even pay you to watch!

Odysee LBRY

Odysee is a YouTube alternative that incorporates all the features that you are familiar with including likes, comments, subscriptions and notifications. Odysee is powered by underlying technology from You earn LBRY tokens for watching content and you can then donate these LBRY tokens to your favourite content creators.

You can browse directly via the website Odysee or download the desktop app.

Web Browser Alternatives

Are you tired of being bombarded with ads and every click you make on a website being tracked? New browsers are evolving that block ads by default and improve your online privacy at the same time. In addition you can earn credits for browsing your favourite sites.

Brave Browser

Brave is a web browser that is built on the Google Chromium platform. This means it still has the features you are familiar with from Google Chrome, but in addition it has built in ad blocking by default as well as advanced security measures that reduce the level to which you are tracked online. By blocking the endless stream of ads, there is less data for your computer to download meaning that your browsing experience is significantly faster, and you use less battery.

If you want additional privacy then you can utilise the TOR browser that is built directly into Brave. TOR is much better than the standard privacy / incognito mode on other browsers as it fully hides your identity by routing your browser via several other other servers before reaching the target website.

Further censorship resistance is provided via integrated support for IPFS. This system allows for peer to peer sharing of web content directly in the browser. It makes this content highly censorship resistant and also reduces the load placed on the target website.

Finally you can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) simply for browsing the web. These tokens can then be traded for other currencies or donated to the content creators on your favourite websites.

You can download the Brave browser at

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