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Highest Crypto Yields

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Here are this week's best crypto savings and loan rates, as well as the latest coin price movements. 

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Best Instant Access Bitcoin Staking Yields

This week's best instant access Bitcoin staking yields. The table shows the maximum deposit that the rate is available for. Deposits above these levels will typically attract lower rates.
DeFi 19.7% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi 17.7% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi 14.4% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi 11.2% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi 10.3% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi 10.1% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi 9.82% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi  9.5% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi  7.5% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi    6% APY Up To 0.1 BTC Go
DeFi 5.52% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi  5.2% APY Unlimited Go
DeFi 5.11% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi 4.65% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi    4% APR Up To 0.1 BTC Go
CeFi    4% APY Up To 1.542 BTC Go
CeFi 3.77% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi    3% APY Up To 0.1 BTC Go
CeFi    3% APR Up To 6.169 BTC Go
DeFi  1.9% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi  1.6% APR Up To 1.851 BTC Go
CeFi  1.5% APR Unlimited Go
CeFi  1.5% APY Up To 0.01 BTC Go
CeFi 0.25% APR Unlimited Go
CeFi 0.19% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi 0.0404% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi 0.00004% APY Unlimited Go
CeFi     % APY Unlimited Go
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Highest Altcoin Yields

This week's highest yielding altcoins. These are highest yields we could find across all our listed crypto platforms.
5070% APY Go
1130% APY Go
363% APY Go
277% APY Go
243% APY Go
218% APY Go
123% APY Go
114% APY Go
86.8% APY Go
81.5% APY Go
Note: Whilst some coins offer high yield it is important to consider the price trend of the coin and its fundamentals. Yield income could be offset by a drop in the value of the coin.
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Cheapest Crypto Loan Rates

This week's cheapest loan rates from the thousands of crypto loan products that we track. Use our loan calculator to fully explore available loan, collateral, LTV and term options. We have included just one example loan from AAVE, but AAVE offers many other highly competitive loan rates.
LTV Collateral Accepted Rate
50% 0.00128% APY Go
20% 4.5% APR Go
20% 4.5% APR Go
35% 5.5% APR Go
50% 6.5% APR Go
70% 7.5% APR Go
35% 7.9% APR Go
50% 7.9% APR Go
50% 9.75% APR Go
50% 12% APR Go
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Latest Crypto Deals

When you deposit $100,000
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Get $100 free in USDC when you deposit $2,000
Enter promo code: 9S39TN
When you deposit $11,000
Enter promo code: HPYBDY
When you deposit $1,000 or more in CRO
Enter promo code: ugmfpp539h
When you take out a loan
When you deposit $100 or more in assets on the platform
When you buy or sell more than $100
Earn $10 USD for any friend that you refer to Kraken
When you buy or sell £100 in crypto
Enter promo code: 49TMGG
Earn 0.2% of every exchange amount, 0.2% of every loan amount, and 0.1% monthly of every interest account deposit made by friends your refer to Coinloan
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Biggest 7 Day Crypto Price Movements

The biggest price increases and decreases this week across the top 100 cryptos. Change in price over the last 7 days shown.
Gainers Losers
Celo logo CELO 50.6% Chiliz logo CHZ -15.9%
Huobi Token logo HT 46% UNUS SED LEO logo LEO -12.9%
Curve DAO Token logo CRV 27.7% Chain logo XCN -11.2%
ApeCoin logo APE 27.3% NEM logo XEM -10.9%
Dogecoin logo DOGE 25.8% Algorand logo ALGO -6.4%
Litecoin logo LTC 18.4% Arweave logo AR -4.9%
Chainlink logo LINK 17.1% BinaryX logo BNX -4.6%
Dash logo DASH 15.8% Lido DAO logo LDO -4.5%
BNB logo BNB 14.8% XDC Network logo XDC -3.9%
Convex Finance logo CVX 14.7% Osmosis logo OSMO -3.6%

Biggest 7 Day Movements Against BTC

The biggest 7 day price increases and decreases of the top 100 altcoins against bitcoin. This shows whether an altcoin has done better or worse than bitcoin over the last 7 days.
Gainers Losers
Celo logo CELO 47.9% Chain logo XCN -16.3%
Curve DAO Token logo CRV 29.7% Chiliz logo CHZ -13.9%
Dogecoin logo DOGE 28.7% BinaryX logo BNX -7.5%
Huobi Token logo HT 27.1% Algorand logo ALGO -7.4%
ApeCoin logo APE 20% EthereumPoW logo ETHW -6.1%
Litecoin logo LTC 16.4% BitDAO logo BIT -6%
BNB logo BNB 15.1% Lido DAO logo LDO -6%
Chainlink logo LINK 14.6% NEM logo XEM -5.9%
Convex Finance logo CVX 13.9% IOTA logo MIOTA -5.9%
Dash logo DASH 13.6% Cronos logo CRO -4.5%
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