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December 2022 Crypto Review

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Happy New Year!

December 2022 saw very low volatility, sideways price action on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Meanwhile, altcoins continued to reduce in price due to a flight to safety back into Bitcoin and stablecoins.

The official rate of inflation in the US is coming down and meanwhile the FED continues to raise interest rates aggressively. It is looking increasingly likely that the FED will pivot and begin stabilising and then reducing rates in the next 3 to 6 months.

The current crypto bear market is also hopefully starting to come to its final resting level. In the next few days this bear market will exceed all previous crypto bear markets in duration, and speculators are talking about any further price drops representing outstanding buying opportunities.

The FED movements and the crypto bear market running out of steam all point towards the crypto market starting to show signs of recovery by summer 2023 and hopefully sooner.

We explore these topics and more in our November 2022 Market Review.



Meanwhile, here are this week's best crypto savings and loan rates, as well as the latest coin price movements. 

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