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Another week has rolled by in cryptoland and the market appears to be stabilising somewhat. Of course there is still plenty of uncertainty out there both within crypto and in the broader economic environment. However, we are seeing some signs of stabilisation in recent crypto dramas. In particular, Celsius has continued to pay down its outstanding loan which may mean that the platform is gradually coming back to life.

Some of the altcoins are up over 20% on the week and the market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum have remained steady.

Nexo has been flexing its financial muscles over recent weeks, making partial or full acquisition bids for beleaguered competitor platforms Celsius and Vauld.

AQRU is launching an interesting investment product today called AQRU Trend. The product is a managed crypto investment fund that aims to improve your return compared to self-investing in crypto. It does this by taking risk in the top 10 non-stablecoins when price momentum is upwards and reducing risk by reverting to USDC stablecoin when prices start to go down. Further details can be found on our AQRU review page.

Definda Crypto Portfolio Optimiser

Did you know that Definda offers a free crypto portfolio optimisation tool? The Definda Crypto Portfolio Optimiser is a tool for calculating the optimum strategy for investing a given fixed investment sum in crypto platforms. The tool will take your investment preferences and determine the amount that you should invest in each platform in order to earn the best monthly interest, whilst keeping your portfolio diversified.

The advisor considers many different factors in determining the optimum portfolio. It works by reviewing thousands of crypto savings accounts stored in our database and calculating the total return based on allocating different proportions of the total investment amount into each of these accounts.

You can specify what level of diversification you want to achieve and what types of coin and platform you would consider using. An easy-to-use wizard will guide you step by step through the process.

Meanwhile we continue to track the latest rates across the various platforms, with the best deals outlined below. We welcome any feedback, so please just email us at if you'd like to get in touch.

Matt & the Definda team

Best Instant Access Bitcoin Savings Rates

This week's best instant access Bitcoin savings rates. The table shows the maximum deposit that the rate is available for. Deposits above these levels will typically attract lower rates.
5.25% APY Up To 0.1 BTC Go
 5.2% APY Unlimited Go
   5% APY Up To 0.01 BTC Go
   4% APY Up To 1.077 BTC Go
   4% APR Unlimited Go
 3.5% APY Up To 0.1 BTC Go
   3% APR Up To 4.309 BTC Go
   3% APR Up To 1.293 BTC Go
 1.5% APR Unlimited Go
   1% APY Unlimited Go
0.25% APR Unlimited Go
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Highest Altcoin Yields

This week's highest yielding altcoins. These are highest yields we could find across all our listed crypto platforms.
30% APR Go
25% APR Go
23% APR Go
22.2% APY Go
20% APR Go
18% APR Go
16% APR Go
15% APY Go
14% APR Go
14% APR Go
Note: Whilst some coins offer high yield it is important to consider the price trend of the coin and its fundamentals. Yield income could be offset by a drop in the value of the coin.
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Cheapest Crypto Loan Rates

This week's cheapest loan rates from the thousands of crypto loan products that we track. Use our loan calculator to fully explore available loan, collateral, LTV and term options. We have included just one example loan from AAVE, but AAVE offers many other highly competitive loan rates.
LTV Collateral Accepted Rate
50% 0.00166% APY Go
20% 4.5% APR Go
20% 4.5% APR Go
35% 5.5% APR Go
50% 6.5% APR Go
70% 7.5% APR Go
35% 7.9% APR Go
50% 7.9% APR Go
50% 9.75% APR Go
50% 12% APR Go
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Biggest 7 Day Crypto Price Movements

The biggest price increases and decreases this week across the top 100 cryptos. Change in price over the last 7 days shown.
Gainers Losers
Celsius logo CEL 59.1% Bitcoin Gold logo BTG -6.6%
Flow logo FLOW 59% Cronos logo CRO -5.2%
Decred logo DCR 30.8% Curve DAO Token logo CRV -4.2%
Zcash logo ZEC 28.9% Helium logo HNT -3.1%
NEAR Protocol logo NEAR 22.7% Lido DAO logo LDO -2.7%
Quant logo QNT 21.8% UNUS SED LEO logo LEO -2.1%
Chainlink logo LINK 21.4% Bitcoin SV logo BSV -2.1%
Mina logo MINA 21.3% Kusama logo KSM -1.8%
Oasis Network logo ROSE 19.3% Solana logo SOL -1.5%
The Graph logo GRT 19% Synthetix logo SNX -1.5%

Biggest 7 Day Movements Against BTC

The biggest 7 day price increases and decreases of the top 100 altcoins against bitcoin. This shows whether an altcoin has done better or worse than bitcoin over the last 7 days.
Gainers Losers
Celsius logo CEL 63.7% Lido DAO logo LDO -15.3%
Flow logo FLOW 60.4% Uniswap logo UNI -8.3%
Decred logo DCR 32.5% Bitcoin Gold logo BTG -4.6%
Zcash logo ZEC 29.7% Curve DAO Token logo CRV -4.6%
Oasis Network logo ROSE 26.8% Kusama logo KSM -3.2%
Chainlink logo LINK 19.1% BitTorrent-New logo BTT -3.1%
Mina logo MINA 19% UNUS SED LEO logo LEO -2.8%
Quant logo QNT 18.7% Helium logo HNT -2.6%
The Graph logo GRT 17.8% Bitcoin SV logo BSV -2.4%
Avalanche logo AVAX 17.4% ApeCoin logo APE -2%
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