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Alpha Homora reviews

Average rating of 100% based on 1 review.

Founded 4 years ago in 2020.

Decentralised exchange.

Reviewed by Yunis
17 October 2022 (Updated 23 July 2024)

Alpha Homora Crypto Platform

Homora is a leveraged yield farming protocol and is the most featured platform from the Alpha Venture DAO ecosystem since its launch in October 2020. Alpha Homora has two versions V1 and V2.  V2  is the improved and evolved version of the V1 and was innovated by taking account of the demands and feedback of the community. Homora V2 also offers more security and profits. Homora v2 announcement was twitted by Alpha Venture DAO for the first time on Twitter on 1 February 2021.
Alpha Homora V2 is founded by Tascha Punyaneramitdee who is also the founder and current CEO of Alpha Finance Lab. Alpha finance team built  Homora v2 on Etherium and Binance Smart Chain(BSC). Homora V2 is currently available on Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism and more coming soon. 
The platform has a web app and anyone with a web wallet can connect to the platform. Users can swap cryptocurrencies by using the swap tool. The new Homora launch stands out by offering more leveraged yield farming choices and claiming high security for users. Homora V2 is the largest multi-chain lending and leveraged yield farming protocol. Another property which makes the Homora v2 unique is flexibility in yield farming. Thanks to that, users have the opportunity of a combination of assets in the liquidity pool and Homora V2 provides users to have different strategies for different market standards. 

Alpha Homora has many audit reports from different independent auditors. You can find audit reports on the platform's audit page. There are different audit reports for different blockchain networks that Alpha Homora runs. 

Beyond the all contributions and offerings of the project, sadly, there has been an unfortunate exploit in Homora history. On February 13, 2021, hackers drained over $37 million from Alpha Homora by leveraging Cream’s Iron Bank protocol-to-protocol lending platform. According to the explanation of Alpha Finance Lab, the “loophole” that allowed it had been patched, and the team had a prime suspect.


tick $52,172,439 USD currently invested (TVL)

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Alpha Homora Reviews

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Alpha Homora YouTube Reviews

Alpha Homora Scams, Frauds, Hacks and Blunders

13 Feb 2021

Alpha Homora Key Data

Legal name Alpha Venture DAO
Year founded 2020
Decentralised tick Yes
Key People
Tascha Punyaneramitdee
Co-Founder & CEO

ALooking at reviews from across the web, Alpha Homora has an average review score of 100% based on 1 review.

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