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AQRU reviews

Average rating of 80% based on 11 reviews.

Founded 3 years ago in 2021.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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Reviewed by Matt
24 January 2022 (Updated 14 July 2024)

AQRU Crypto Platform

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Staking Yields
Loan Rates
Risk Management

AQRU is a relatively new British backed crypto platform that offers crypto staking and crypto exchange. The platform launched in December 2021 with a number of market leading savings rates on bitcoin and stablecoins. AQRU is led by a strong British management team with significant experience in fintech and mainstream asset management. Whilst the platform is managed by a British team the AQRU platform is operated through a wholly owned subsidiary based in Bulgaria.

The platform currently only offers crypto staking. Crypto-backed loans are not currently available to regular users, although AQRU does grant loans at an institutional level as part of its yield generation model. Crypto savings accounts offer interest rates up to 3% APY. Interest is accrued every second and paid out daily.

AQRU currently applies one flat savings rates to your entire investment balance. Many other platforms have implemented tiered rates, with high headline rates for very low balances, which then reduce as your balance size increases.

AQRU also offers exchange services, both crypto to crypto, and crypto to/from fiat (GBP and EUR only). The exchange service is simple to use and has transparent pricing of 0.35% commission and no other charges.

AQRU supports a very limited number of crypto and fiat currencies at this stage, but the range of available options continues to expand.

Some of the images used on the AQRU platform are a bit off-putting. These include pictures of people grabbing wads of money. These images have a bit of a "get rich quick" feel about them, which is disappointing as the platform itself seems to be well designed and backed by a strong team.

You can use AQRU to start your crypto journey by simply transferring regular fiat currency (GBP or EUR) to your AQRU account and then using those funds to purchase your first crypto.

Overall we like AQRU and look forward to seeing them continue to grow. We hope they will be able raise their savings rates back up to competitive levels soon.

Note: As of 1 February 2023 AQRU has focused its offer entirely towards institutional and high net worth investors. The minimum investment required to open an account on the platform is $250,000 USD.


tick Simple, easy to use interface.
tick Competitive exchange rates.
tick Competitive interest rates for large deposits.
tick Clear ownership structure and regulatory status.
tick Run by strong, professional team.
tick No tiered savings rates. Rate applies to entire balance.
tick Unique AQRU Trend investment product
tick AQRU Ten makes it easy to diversify your crypto portfolio


cross Institutional investors only. Min deposit $250,000 USD.
cross High $20 fee for crypto withdrawls.
cross Limited number of coins supported.
cross Loans not available.
cross Need to manually fund savings accounts rather all deposits automatically earning interest.

AQRU Savings Accounts

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Over $250,000 USD
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Over $250,000 USD
Over $250,000 USD
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DeFinda Score™

Staking Yields


AQRU has some of the worst instant access saving rates for Ethereum (2%) and USD Coin (3%)

Loan Rates


AQRU does not offer loan products to regular users.



AQRU was founded in 2021 which makes it 2 years old. That's very young for a crypto business. The oldest crypto platforms are 16 years old. Whilst many young crypto businesses are highly innovative and are bringing great value to the sector, their relative experience is limited and they will not have ridden out as many of the crypto highs and lows that more experienced platforms have.

AQRU has a total of approximately 50 million USD of assets under management. AQRU is one of the smaller crypto platforms measured by assets held. The biggest crypto platforms are managing up to 21 billion USD of assets.

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AQRU has an average expert rating of 79%, and an average user rating of 82%. Expert reviews include (80%), Captain Altcoin (79%), Inside Bitcoins (92%) and Bit Compare (80%).

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Risk Management


AQRU stores its uninvested crypto with a third party custodian, Fireblocks, which ensures that these funds are well protected against loss due to hacking and fraud. In addition AQRU has insurance of $30 million against crypto losses.

AQRU has implemented two factor authentication within it's app to increase security levels.

What remains unclear is AQRU's investment strategy that is uses to generate yield. AQRU launched with market leading interest rates on its savings accounts which suggests that a higher level of risk was being taken with its internal investment strategy. Having said this, AQRU has now significantly reduced its savings rates and AQRU has never frozen withdrawls or suffered any outage or loss of customer funds.

AQRU have stated that they lend funds to institutions in return for yield. AQRU states that they usually demand collateralisation on thse loans. The level of collateralisation is not stated, and it is concerning if some of their loans are not fully collateralised. Ideally they would be requiring well over 100% over-collateralisation on all loans so that in all circumstances AQRU holds sufficient assets to repay the loan in the event of a default by the borrower.

AQRU offers a blended stablecoin investment product. This product invests in USDC, DAI and some other stablecoins which are not stated. Diversifying the fund across a number of stablecoins reduces risk, but the lack of full transparancy means there could be some high risk coins included.

AQRU offers enhanced savings ratings on USDC deposits when locked up for a 90 day term. This is through a deal with Maple Finance. AQRU provide a detailed run down of this deal here. The article discusses Maple Finance's risk management strategy, including the diversification and overcollateralisation of loans made by Maple. However, the managed underwriting of some loans is also discussed, which presumably adjusts collateral requirements depending on the credit status of the borrower. There is a separate fund that can be called upon in the case of borrower defaults. Overall AQRU and Maple are offering a good level of transparency on how their lending strategy works. However in the event of large number of depositors making withdrawal requests, it is possible that liquidity could still be an issue.

Some crypto platforms can provide proof of reserves prepared by a third party. This proof of reserves proves that the platform holds more assets than customer liabilities. AQRU does not currently provide proof of reserves, but hopefully this is something that they will look to implement in the future.

Overall, AQRU is a young platform backed by a solid, experienced team. They have a simple model and appear to be aiming for transparency. As the platform continues to grow we expect further reasurances on their investment strategy will be provided.

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Crypto withdrawls on AQRU are not instant. They are processed daily at 2pm UTC. This means that if you make a withdrawl request at 3pm UTC you will have to wait until 2pm UTC the next day before it is processed. Once withdrawl requests begin processed at 2pm UTC they normally seem to complete by 3pm UTC in our experience.

If you have yoru funds invested in one of AQRU's investment products you will first need to withdraw your funds back in to your AQRU crypot wallet by selling the investment product. Only then can you make a withdrawl request to an external wallet.

Crypto withdrawls also attract fees. There is a $10 USD fee for Bitcoin withdrawls and a $20 USD fee for all other crypto withdrawls. There is no fee for fiat withdrawls.

There is no record of AQRU undertaking a blanket freeze of withdrawls across the platform. Some users have experienced delays in withdrawls as AQRU has been obliged to to ask further questions about the transfer to comply with its regulatory obligations.

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AQRU supports 5 different cryptocurrencies and 2 fiat currencies. Key supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin and Dai. AQRU support for fiat currencies includes Pounds Sterling and Euros. The biggest crypto platforms offer support for over 33 different cryptocurrencies.

Support for a larger number of cryptocurrencies is helpful if you are looking for trading opportunities, but may be less important if your priority is long term investment in one of the major cryptos.

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AQRU offers support by email and online chat, however they do not offer support by phone and do not offer 24 hour support.

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AQRU Reviews

Based on a total of 11 reviews across the web for AQRU we gave the platform an overall rating of 80%.

User Reviews
Overall User Rating
4 reviews 4
3 reviews 3
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1 review 1
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AQRU Promo Codes & Vouchers

$100 USDC Free

Get $100 free in USDC when you deposit $2,000
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Exchange fees 0.35% flat rate
Fiat deposit fee tick Free
Fiat withdrawal fee tick Free
Crypto deposit fee tick Free
Crypto withdrawal fee $10 for bitcoin and $20 for other cryptos

AQRU Supported Currencies

AQRU supports over 7 currencies including Pounds Sterling, Euros, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

GBP Pounds Sterling Pounds Sterling
EUR Euros Euros

Countries That Can Use AQRU

AQRU's services are available in all countries EXCEPT:

American Samoa
Central African Republic
North Korea
Palestinian Territory
Puerto Rico
South Sudan
Syrian Arab Republic
United States
Virgin Islands, US
Western Sahara

AQRU Languages

AQRU's supports the following languages: English.

AQRU Key Data

Legal name AQRU Plc
Year founded 2021
Country incorporated in Bulgaria
Headquarters country United Kingdom
Decentralised cross No
Total assets under management $50,000,000USD more ...$0USD
Withdrawal time in hours 24hours more ...0hours
Savings accounts tick Yes
Loans cross No
Crypto to crypto exchange tick Yes
Fiat to crypto exchange tick Yes
Pro exchange marketplace cross No
Peer to peer exchange cross No
Margin trading cross No
Corporate accounts tick Yes
Instantly buy crypto with fiat tick Yes
Integrated crypto wallet tick Yes
Crypto withdrawals to private wallet tick Yes
Fast account verification tick Yes
Futures exchange cross No
Insurance level $30,000,000USD more ...$0USD
Cold storage custodian Fireblocks
Two factor authentication tick Yes
Loan over collateralisation percent Over 100% over-collateralisation
Know your customer tick Yes
Credit check cross No
Regulators Accru is registered as a Cryptoasset service provider with the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency. Accru more ... has a pending application with the UK Financial Conduct Authority for approval as a crypto asset business
24/7 support cross No
Email support tick Yes
Phone support cross No
Chat support tick Yes
Exchange fees 0.35% flat rate
Fiat deposit fee Free
Fiat withdrawal fee Free
Crypto deposit fee Free
Withdrawal process Withdrawls are processed every day at 2pm UTC. Any withdrawl request prior to this time will have to more ... wait until 2pm UTC before it is processed. In our experience withdrawls are completed within an hour after 2pm.
Withdrawal time 24 hours more ...0 hours
Crypto withdrawal fee $10 for bitcoin and $20 for other cryptos
Investment Strategy
DeFi products tick Yes
Independent proof of reserves cross No
Key People
Philip Blows
Digby Try
Executive Director
Mike Edwards
Non Executive Chairman
Timothy Vincent Le Druillenec
Non Executive Director
Mark Rutledge
Non Executive Director
Misha Sher
Non Executive Director
Nicholas Lyth
Louis Quaintance
Gary George
Principal Engineer
Dimitar Pasev
Head of Customer Service
Licenses & Certifications

AAQRU is incorporated in Bulgaria, and their headquarters are located in United Kingdom.
ALooking at reviews from across the web, AQRU has an average review score of 80% based on 11 reviews.

Useful Links

AQRU Contact Details
AQRU Plc - 9th Floor, 16 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DG
Accru Finance Ltd (UK) - 206 Upper Richmond Road West, London, SW14 8AH
Accru Finance Ltd (Bulgaria) - 9 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sredets Region, 1124, Sofia

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