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Reviewed by Yunis
2 August 2023 (Updated 15 April 2024)

Arbswap Crypto Platform


The first DEX operating on both the One and Nova networks that is specifically designed for Arbitrum is called Arbswap. Arbswap was founded in San Francisco in 2021. Arbswap is not a publicly traded firm, and it is currently unfunded. There are no institutional investors in Arbswap. It provides B2C services in the FinTech and Blockchain industry sectors.

Arbswap is dedicated to continuing to be in line with the ecosystem's evolution as an early builder in the Arbitrum network. Although EVM-compatible like other L1 chains, Arbitrum truly stands out from the competition thanks to two highly distinctive deployments; A high-throughput chain designed for social and gaming called Arbitrum Nova and a scalable rollup chain with a robust, cutting-edge DeFi ecosystem is called Arbitrum One. Being the top-performing DEX on Nova and the most popular DEX on One are the two objectives Arbswap has set for itself as an Arbitrum native protocol. Arbswap is currently ranked 227th out of 2102 active participants. 112 of its rivals have funding, while 67 have stopped operating. In total, 276 investment rounds including 755 investors totaled approximately $3.33 billion in capital for all the DEXs and CEXs. The major rivals of Arbswap are Blockchain, Binance, and Coinbase CEXs.

Let’s mention some of the features of Arbswap. Firstly, it enhances the user experience in the Arbitrum ecosystem by empowering users' Game-Fi demands and economy. Additionally, Arbswap provides a scalable and flexible protocol that enables users and builders to obtain access to substantial, adaptive, and long-lasting liquidity. Moreover, trading activities are made easier by NFT with Arbswap. By offering cutting-edge features, tools, and functionality that other protocols in the ecosystem can easily incorporate and build on, it prioritizes composability and supports new protocols established in Arbitrum. Also, it provides a very effective and safe trading system that guarantees swift and reliable transaction execution.

Arbswap provides liquidity farming with flexible or locked positions on Nova and One. It enables projects to host LP incentives on both flexible farming, similar to your conventional DEX, and locked farming, similar to Curve, where the longer the locked period, the greater the bonus you receive. Liquidity mining, staking, launchpad allocation, and governance are the use cases for $ARBS, which is the native utility token of Arbswap. Users can deposit tokens into the liquidity pairs on the platform and participate in liquidity mining to partake in the network's transaction fees. In return for their token deposits, users will get LP tokens, which may be staked on the platform to generate further $ARBS tokens. On the platform, users can stake $ARBS tokens to receive staking incentives and to participate in the protocol's revenue sharing. Users who want to ensure a spot in the most popular project launching on Arbitrum can stake $ARBS to take part in expected launchpad token sales. Also, through the Snapshot platform, token holders can propose and vote on network governance choices.

Arbswap has a beneficial website on its own. Users can easily find how they can connect their wallets, how they can add or remove liquidity, how to get Arbitrum Nova, and etc. Also, it has audit reports, smart contracts, and all the information about Arbswap. So, these are very advantageous situations for Arbswap. It is a situation that attracts the attention of users and builds trust.


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Arbswap Key Data

Automatic market maker tick Yes
Decentralised tick Yes
Open source tick Yes
Savings accounts tick Yes
Crypto to crypto exchange tick Yes
Fiat to crypto exchange cross No
Pro exchange marketplace cross No
Crypto withdrawals to private wallet tick Yes
Fast account verification tick Yes
Futures exchange cross No
DEX aggregator cross No
Chain agnostic cross No
Know your customer cross No
Credit check cross No
Chat support tick Yes
Investment Strategy
Liquidity pools tick Yes
DeFi products tick Yes
Unsecured loans cross No

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