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Atlendis reviews
Reviewed by Yunis
28 March 2023 (Updated 24 May 2024)

Atlendis Crypto Platform

Atlendis is a decentralized non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol that was founded by Alexis Masseron, Charlotte Eli, and Stéphane Coquet and launched in April 2021. The founders and team are fully disclosed on the official website, which is a good sign of transparency that aligns with the protocol's mission. The platform has a unique approach to DeFi by bringing trust between parties and creating a mixed system of centralized and decentralized entities.

Atlendis operates on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. While the borrowings are controlled by the team, lendings are completely decentralized and permissionless. Anyone can connect to the protocol and deposit funds to pools. Only the governance can create new pools and determine the features, such as who will be whitelisted for a specific pool, which pool is defaulted, pool closure, and max borrowable amount, etc.

Atlendis is different from other crypto lending and borrowing protocols in that it has whitelisted borrowers who can get a loan without depositing collateral within their credit limits. This means that the loans on the Atlendis protocol are unsecured, and the process mainly relies on the established trust between parties. This is a departure from the standard practice in the industry, where collateral is required.

The web app of the platform has a very simple and user-friendly design. A big banner on the top with the question "First time on Atlendis?" meets users and directs them to the Tutorials page. Users can connect to the platform by clicking the "Connect" button on the top right. The platform supports almost all popular web wallets, including MetaMask, WalletConnect, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet. Connecting and using the platform is permissionless with complete anonymity. The protocol doesn't offer any swap, exchange, or trade services.

Atlendis has a partnership with the ANGLE protocol, and ANGLE DAO has invested in the Atlendis pools in exchange for some collaterals. This partnership further enhances the reliability and credibility of the Atlendis platform.

According to the company's blog page, Atlendis protocol has raised $4.4 million in funding from Tioga Capital, Lemniscap, ParaFi Capital, and other VCs. This funding will help the team further develop and improve the platform's capabilities and services.

In terms of security, Atlendis has audit reports and partnerships for bug bounty programs. The protocol doesn't have any noticeable mark in its history in terms of hacks or exploits. But given the protocol's young age, users should use it with caution and conduct their own research before depositing funds.

In conclusion, Atlendis is a promising non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol that offers a unique approach to DeFi when we compare crypto platforms. Its whitelisted borrower feature and the establishment of trust between parties sets it apart from other protocols in the industry. The simple and user-friendly web app design, coupled with the partnership with ANGLE DAO, makes it a reliable and credible platform. While the protocol is still relatively new, it has a good track record in terms of security and funding. It will be interesting to see how Atlendis evolves and grows in the future.


tick Innovative and unique approach to DeFi
tick Founders and Team details are Transparent
tick $168,996 USD currently invested (TVL)
tick Investments in 1 coin pair available
tick Operating on Polygon protocol


cross Unproven system in DeFi
cross Limited pool options
cross Investments in liquidity pools can be higher risk
cross Liquidity pool investments are only suitable for advanced crypto users

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Atlendis Languages

Atlendis's supports the following languages: English.

Atlendis Key Data

Savings accounts tick Yes
Loans tick Yes
Fiat to crypto exchange cross No
Pro exchange marketplace cross No
Margin trading cross No
Chain agnostic cross No
Know your customer tick Yes
Credit check tick Yes
Investment Strategy
Unsecured loans tick Yes
Key People
Alexis Masseron
Co-Founder and CEO
Charlotte Eli
Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer
Stéphane Coquet
Co-Founder and CTO
Adrien Roggero
Business Developer
Bruno Pousset
General Counsel
Friedrich Coen
Solidity Engineer
Hugo Dura
Head of Sales & Partnerships
Jacob Dawson
Senior Frontend Engineer
Loïc Vincent-Genod
Solidity Engineer
Victoria Calmon
Pierre Hottiaux
Creative Director
Olivier Bladier
Frontend Engineer
Marcos Miranda
Product Lead
Manuel Gunzburger
Growth / Community

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