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Aurigami reviews

Use anonymously. No KYC required.

Decentralised exchange.

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Use anonymously. No KYC required.

Decentralised exchange.

Go to Aurigami staking calculator

Reviewed by Yunis
28 March 2023 (Updated 8 June 2023)

Aurigami Crypto Platform


tick Strong names among the investors
tick $2,689,885 USD currently invested (TVL)
tick Investments in 1 coin pair available
tick Operating on Aurora protocol


cross Relatively young in the market
cross Investments in liquidity pools can be higher risk
cross Liquidity pool investments are only suitable for advanced crypto users

Aurigami Reviews

Aurigami is a decentralized finance platform that allows users to lend, borrow, and earn interest with their cryptocurrencies. The platform was founded in 2021 by Lucas Huang and has successfully raised $12 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) round co-led by Dragonfly Capital and Polychain Capital. Other prominent investors include Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and DeFi Capital.

One of the key features of Aurigami is its user-friendly web app, which allows users to connect with a web wallet using the WalletConnect connector. The platform does not support popular wallets except for WalletConnect-supported ones. However, there is no maximum or minimum limit on deposits and withdrawals, and instant transfers are available. The platform only charges a gas fee, as it does not charge a fee for deposits and withdrawals.

To participate in the lending and borrowing activities on the platform, users can deposit accepted assets to provide as collateral and borrow against their assets. The borrowing limit is subject to the collateralized assets. It is worth noting that there have been no hacks or exploits in the Aurigami finance protocol's history, but given the protocol's young age, it would be wise to exercise caution.

The key difference between Aurigami Finance and other DeFi platforms is that it is built on Aurora as the native money market. Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) proxy built on the Near network, which provides a faster and cheaper experience under Ethereum security. Aurigami is a candidate to be the center of the Aurora ecosystem in the Near network. Near has very active crypto money market platforms and protocols, and users can compare crypto platforms on the Near network using the platform's comparison tools.

Aurigami has its native token, PLY, which is used for utility and governance purposes. The PLY tokens were launched at an ICO with well-known VCs. The investors, team, and owners own the largest share of the tokens, while only 40% of the tokens are allocated to liquidity mining under a two-year vesting scheme. Locked tokens in liquidity mining will be released over time to liquidity providers with a scheme that rewards early participants with better rates.

The protocol's smart contracts are shared on the GitHub profile, and anyone can check the code. There is also an audit report by a third-party auditing firm WatchPug on GitHub. However, Aurigami Finance is not considered open-source because we do not have access to all underlying codes of the platform. The platform is still relatively new and promising, but unwanted experiences frequently happen in the DeFi market. Aurigami still needs time to prove its security and efficiency.

In conclusion, Aurigami is a promising newcomer in the DeFi space, offering a user-friendly platform for lending, borrowing, and earning interest with cryptocurrencies. The platform's use of Aurora as the native money market and its native token, PLY, for utility and governance purposes, set it apart from other DeFi platforms. Although the platform is relatively new and needs to prove its security and efficiency, its transparency and audit report provide some reassurance to users. As with all DeFi platforms, it is important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before participating in any activities.

How Much Can You Earn on Aurigami


Rate You Can Earn on Aurigami

Aurigami Supported Currencies

Aurigami supports over 8 currencies including Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin and Wrapped Bitcoin.

Aurigami Key Data

Decentralised tick Yes
Savings accounts tick Yes
Loans tick Yes
Pro exchange marketplace cross No
Peer to peer exchange cross No
Margin trading cross No
Futures exchange cross No
Chain agnostic cross No
Know your customer cross No
Credit check cross No
Investment Strategy
Liquidity pools tick Yes
DeFi products tick Yes
Unsecured loans cross No

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