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Reviewed by Yunis
25 June 2023 (Updated 10 June 2024)

Deri Protocol Crypto Platform

Deri Protocol was founded in February 2021 by Dfactory Ltd. Dfactory Ltd., is the company that issues Deri Protocol, was the original creator of the protocol. Deri is an open-source trading mechanism that is supported by both Arbitrum and the BNB Chain. The protocol recently expanded its operations on ZkSync network too.

A group of professionals in finance, mathematics, and computer science called Defi Factory created and developed the Deri Protocol. Richard, the project's CTO, and 0xAlpha, its CEO, are co-founders. The crew also consists of Jason, Janice, and Daniel. The website is very comprehensive and informative for those who are interested in Deri Protocol. For example, the team is shown on its website, the audit reports are on the website, etc. When we compare crypto exchanges, we value transparency, and Deri Protocol is very successful at being transparent..

Deri is the DeFi protocol that allows to trade derivatives, allowing you to arbitrage, speculate, and hedge all on the same chain. The Deri Protocol's AMM paradigm is used for trade execution, and positions are tokenized as NFTs, which greatly facilitates their composability with other DeFi efforts. One of the most significant building elements of the DeFi infrastructure has been created by Deri Protocol, which has offered an on-chain mechanism to swap risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently.

Deri Protocol provides three separate trading categories; The Main Zone, The Inno Zone and The Open Zone. Let’s start with The Main Zone!

The base tokens and trade symbols in the Main Zone are long-lasting due to the great demand. On the other hand, The Inno Zone denotes the foundational tokens and trading symbols that will be assessed and introduced by the team based on their invention or a sudden demand from the Deri Protocol community. They will be relocated to the Main FUT Zone when the demand and volume demonstrate to be high over the long run.

And the last category is The Open Zone. Similar to Uniswap, where individuals or projects can form pools just for derivatives, the Open Zone is a space where any project can list its base tokens and trade symbols. The trading pools are completely uncontrolled by Deri Protocol because the Open Zone has no permissions. In order to prevent any harm, including but not limited to the loss of money, it is crucial that traders or liquidity miners get familiar with the Open Zone system.

The funding for Deri Protocol comes from Binance Smart Chain. The first decentralized exchange offering continuous futures and constant options on the Binance Smart Chain is Deri Protocol, which enables users to hedge, speculate, and arbitrage their investments. For traders, it offers extremely high capital efficiency, as well as choices for the long term.

To compare crypto platforms, on the BNB Chain, Deri Protocol is one of the top performing derivatives trading platforms. The Deri Protocol is currently available on the Coinbase web3 wallet. And the amount of Deri Protocol in circulation is 206 million. Assets with a similar market cap to Leather Protocol include Ignis, MurAll, AnimalGo, and many others.

It is an intelligent contract built on the Polygon Network, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Huobi Ecological Chain. The majority of traders find it appealing since it has a built-in Web3 version of Trading View that offers a variety of trading visualization choices and tracking of different DeFi tokens.


tick Innovative trading features.
tick High capital efficieny
tick Layer2 speed advantages
tick $2,288,136 USD currently invested (TVL)


cross Short and unproven history

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Deri Protocol Key Data

Legal name Deri Protocol
Decentralised tick Yes
Open source tick Yes
Non-custodial tick Yes
Savings accounts tick Yes
Crypto to crypto exchange tick Yes
Fiat to crypto exchange cross No
Pro exchange marketplace tick Yes
Peer to peer exchange cross No
Margin trading tick Yes
Instantly buy crypto with fiat tick Yes
Fast account verification tick Yes
Futures exchange tick Yes
DEX aggregator tick Yes
Chain agnostic cross No
Know your customer cross No
Credit check cross No
24/7 support tick Yes
Email support cross No
Phone support cross No
Chat support tick Yes
Investment Strategy
Liquidity pools tick Yes
DeFi products tick Yes
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