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Reviewed by Yunis
7 June 2023 (Updated 22 June 2024)

GrizzlyFi Crypto Platform is a mining liquidity platform in DeFi. The grizzly finance platform was launched on August 2021, on Binance Smart Chain. It was founded by a core team whose members are Leon Helg Co-Founder, Andrés Soltermann Co-Founder, Elias Felchlin Co-Founder, and CMO. The headquarters is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Grizzly came up with the idea that ‘’Making DeFi accessible for everyone and making Liquidity Mining easier, safer, and more profitable than ever’’ as they said. aims to achieve that by providing a convenient and gainful way for Liquidity Mining.

Thanks to, there is no need for many complicated steps or transactions and different kinds of platforms to control. With one click grizzly offers the best options with a very easy user interface. The only thing you should do is visit the website and click enter. app and connect your wallet.

The basic working principle of the simply is that: Grizzly Finance utilizes smart contracts called "bees" that automate the process of collecting rewards and reinvesting them daily into your liquidity mining activity. This automation leads to higher rewards for participants and encourages other liquidity miners to join Grizzly Finance, benefiting everyone involved. In addition to the rewards, participants also receive honey tokens as an extra benefit.

There are a few ways we can invest in Grizzly. First of all, In the grizzly platform, hives represent the liquidity pools. Four different types of hives exist on this platform: Stablecoin Hives, Grizzly Hives, Mixed Hives, and Single Asset Hives.

The first one is stablecoin Hives. Stablecoin Hives are a risk-free way for investing because they are two stablecoins so you do not worry about impermanent loss which is a risk in DeFi liquidity pools with stablecoin pools. You click on and choose one of the four stablecoins Hives.

Grizzly Hives are another liquidity pools with high APY and platform governance token $GHNY is used.

Mixed Hives are another option for investing on the Grizzly finance platform. Mixed Hives have not only higher APY but also a little bit higher chance of impermanent loss. In this method, one of the currencies is a stable coin and the other one is a normal coin.

A Single Asset Hive in Grizzly Finance allows users to deposit a specific coin or token and earn interest in the same coin through staking.

To talk about the tokenomics of Grizzly, As the native token of the platform, $GHNY serves as a reward mechanism for generating profits on the platform. When users participate in activities such as liquidity mining, they have the opportunity to earn $GHNY tokens as a form of reward. Other ways to have GHNY: are staking, affiliate system (referring someone on Grizzly), and buying on exchange.

Furthermore, has plans to introduce a Crypto Debit card, which will allow users to easily spend their yields. Users can pre-order the card by freezing $GHNY tokens, presumably as a way to secure their place in obtaining the card once it becomes available. Until now, there is no hack or exploit information about grizzly finance.


tick $1,976,310 USD currently invested (TVL)

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GrizzlyFi Supported Currencies

GrizzlyFi supports over 4 currencies including Ethereum.


GrizzlyFi Key Data

Legal name Grizzly Development AG
Decentralised tick Yes
Savings accounts tick Yes
Fiat to crypto exchange cross No
Pro exchange marketplace cross No
Margin trading cross No
Futures exchange cross No
DEX aggregator cross No
Chain agnostic cross No
Know your customer cross No
Credit check cross No
24/7 support cross No
Key People
Leon Helg
Andrés Soltermann
Elias Felchlin

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