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Reviewed by Yunis
13 July 2023 (Updated 20 July 2024) Crypto Platform

Mute is an Ethereum and zkSync-based DEX, farming, and Bond platform. The platform was founded in 2018. Mute was formerly known as NIX Platform.The developers of Mute have extensive experience with Zero-Knowledge cryptographic techniques. Prior to Mute, the team developed Zerocoin and Sigma's addressing and transactional protocols, as well as the first Zero-Knowledge Atomic Swap mechanism between BTC and UTXO-based chains. They now apply that knowledge to Mute and their newest project, the Mute DAO. Building on zkSync and delivering long-term value to its community, Mute is prepared to establish itself as a dominant force in the zkDeFi market thanks to a team with a track record of innovation and skill. For protocols using zkSync, mute is an option to appropriately promote liquidity for their specific use cases.

By offering an L2 based DeFi suite that uses ZK-Rollup scalability, Mute increases the accessibility of cryptocurrencies. On the Mute platform, every contract is open source, audited, and validated on research. Mute aims to offer a better DeFi and governance platform, a cutting-edge user experience, and improved security. Syscoin eliminates the requirement for high fees while also inheriting, potentially the strongest security. Mute has a lot of advantages thanks to the Syscoin and ZK-Rollups combination. To avoid using gas is one of the advantages.

Let’s talk about the Liquidity Pools on Mute. Both the Stable and Normal AMM curves can be used because the Mute Switch is built with a dynamic arrangement for Liquidity Pools. While assets in a stable pool are those with a narrow price range, assets that trade in a normal pool have no correlation. For the same assets, there may be a Normal and Stable pool. Regardless of the pool type, The Mute Switch will identify the trade with the best price. For assets that should be traded within a narrow price range, stable pools are created. This enables swaps that are capital-efficient for high volume trades. Make sure to select the appropriate pricing for these pools because once pricing is set upon pool setup, the trade price maintains a tight spread. On the other hand, normal pools are made for assets with uncorrelated and variable prices. An integrated LP (liquidity pool) governance and delegation framework is built into The Mute Switch from the start. This not only enables the construction of complicated protocols on top of the Mute Switch protocol but also the use of dynamic fees within any LP pool. The protocol contains two types of fees as fixed and dynamic.

While Fixed refers to ‘’fixed % of the total trade’’, Dynamic refers to ‘’% of the LP pool fees’’. Liquidity Pool providers do not get any fees for trades if the protocol fixed fee is established and is higher than the Liquidity Pool fees.

The website of Mute is very capable. Users can reach all the things that they are wondering about such as the team, audits, social media platforms of Mute, blog writings, one click to the app, etc. The website of Mute provides ease of use in every way. Staking Yields

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