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Compare The Best 30 Day Fixed Term Crypto Staking Yields
November 2022

EARN UP TO 64% APR WITH 30 DAY NOTICE CRYPTO STAKING. Enhanced crypto staking yields are available if you are willing to lock your money up for 1 month. These accounts require you to deposit your finds for at least 30 days in order to be eligible for the enhanced rate. During the 30 day period you will not be able to access your funds.
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Platform Reviews Features / TVL Interest Rate
10% off fees 10% off trading fees. CodeClick to Reveal Code View all Binance deals
tickThe biggest crypto platform in the world
tickHuge array of innovative crypto related services
tickHigh liquidity exchange offers competitive rates
Interest paid DAILY
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Hong Kong
$50 free CRO when you deposit $1,000 or more in CRO. CodeClick to Reveal Code View all deals
tickFully comprehensive suite of crypto services.
tickAutomatically buy cryptos on a fixed schedule - great for dollar cost averaging.
tickRegulated & trustworthy.
Interest paid WEEKLY
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$25 Free BTC When you deposit $100 or more in assets on the platform. View all Nexo deals
tickVery simple & easy to use
tickNo hidden fees
tickInterest paid daily
Interest paid DAILY
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Free 70 USDT When you deposit $11,000. CodeClick to Reveal Code View all Hodlnaut deals
tickVery simple easy to understand interface
tickInterest accrued daily and paid out weekly
tickEnhanced interest rates available for big depositors (over 100 BTC)
Interest paid WEEKLY
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What are 30 Day Notice Crypto Staking Products?

Many crypto savings accounts are instant access so you can access your money at any time. 30 day notice savings accounts offer higher savings ratings. In return you have to commit to not being able to access your funds for 30 days.

What Happens at the End of the 30 Day Period?

After the 30 day period has finished you will be able to access your funds in full. On some platforms your funds will remain in a savings account at the end of this period. Other platforms automatically move your funds back to a non-savings account at the end of the period. Check the platform terms when signing up to make sure you continue to work your money as hard as possible and don't inadvertently slip back into a non interest bearing account.

What Are the Advantages of a 30 Day Crypto Staking Product?

Just like regular high street bank savings account, the longer you are willing to lock your money up for, the higher the interest rate. 30 days is still a relatively short period, and with careful planning most people can allocate some of their funds to a 30 day savings account and benefit from the enhanced savings rate.

Platform Comparisons

Article by Yunis
23 July 2021 (Updated 9 November 2022)

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