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CoolWallet S

Reviewed by Yunis
1 April 2021 (Updated 23 May 2024)
CoolWallet S
CoolWallet S

CoolWallet S is the first mobile hardware wallet offered by the CoolBitX company. CoolBitX company was founded in Taiwan in 2014 as an international blockchain security company. The company has raised a total of $30M USD in fundings. CoolBitX company set out with the goal of creating a secure, portable, and user-friendly device in response to the shortcomings of devices in the cold hardware wallets market at that time. They launched the credit card-sized CoolWallet mobile hardware wallet.

The company started to develop the product, with the first usage experiences of the CoolWallet hardware wallet. As a result of these efforts, it launched the new generation mobile hardware wallet with the CoolWallet S product in 2018. CoolWallet S, which provides ease of use because it is a mobile hardware wallet, has been sold more than 150,000 times. In addition, CoolWallet Pro device was also created by CoolBitX in line with the deficiencies in the CoolWallet S product.

The design of the mobile hardware wallet is similar to a bank card. CoolWallet S box includes CoolWallet S device, recovery card, and USB cable charger. There is a small 24.6x21.9mm screen on the front of the hardware wallet card. Transaction information is shown on the screen. And there is a button at the bottom of the screen to perform operations. CoolWallet S offers the opportunity to securely manage a wide variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, BNB and ERC20 tokens with multi-crypto support.

CoolWallet S features the first wireless hardware wallet. Thanks to the encoded Bluetooth feature, you can easily connect to your phone. You can start the integration of your device by downloading the CoolBitX mobile application to your smartphone or tablet. The hardware wallet local application is compatible with IOS and Android. Security processes in the device are provided with 2+1 Factor Authentication, Biometric and Physical 2AF controls and EAL5+ certified secure element. The device, which has a slim design, is produced to be water resistant.

CoolWallet S is a an easy to use and high security crypto hardware wallet. It is connected to other mobile phones and computers via Bluetooth and NFC. Even if there is no internet connection, it can always be used with Bluetooth. It is a device that is very durable in terms of security with its 3-stage encryption system. With the Metacert policy, your crypto data provides confidence against fraud. In the CoolWallet S hardware wallet, you can manage your cryptocurrencies and perform your transaction.

Installation of the CoolWallet S starts with downloading the CoolBitX local application to your smartphone after running your wallet. You can download the application from Google Play Store or App Store. The installation process is quite simple. With the installation of the local application, you need to activate the Bluetooth by pressing the button on your device. After setting the device PIN and synchronizing, you can start using it. Your private keys on your device are encoded with the cryptography method.

Users can exchange cryptos without leaving the hardware wallet with Changelly and Binance DEX as internal exchange integration within the device. CoolWallet S also strengthens its security with fingerprint and biometric encryption stages. Additionally, it has a 12-digit recovery backup to recover your device in case you forget your password or in case of a security breach.

CoolWallet S hardware wallet is not open source software. The previous version of the CoolWallet device has been published on Github. It is expected that the CoolWallet S device will be open source in the near future. Cold hardware wallets have their advantages in being open source. When a problem is encountered in the system, the version of the system can be upgraded with the source codes. Finally, this device is shipped by the company to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

There is a newer version of the CoolWallet S available. It has been superseded by the CoolWallet Pro.


tick Very portable - the size of a standard credit card
tick Waterproof
tick Good quality app
tick Very easy to use


cross Seed words must be re-entered every time software is updated
cross Requires recharging
cross Not open source
cross No USB connection

CoolWallet S Reviews

Based on a total of 582 reviews across the web for the CoolWallet S we gave the wallet an overall rating of 84%.

User Reviews
Overall User Rating
568 reviews 568
Amazon Australia
185 reviews 185
Amazon UAE
165 reviews 165
Apple App Store
96 reviews 96
iphone App
96 reviews 96
Desert Cart
13 reviews 13
Crypto Compare
8 reviews 8
3 reviews 3
Android App
1 review 1
1 review 1
Amazon UK
Amazon India
ICO Rating
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Which Cryptos Does The CoolWallet S Support?

The CoolWallet S supports over 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDt and Bitcoin Cash.

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CoolWallet S Specification

Core Data
Brand name CoolWallet
Wallet name CoolWallet S
Package contents CoolWallet,Charging Pad,USB cable,Recovery card
Input methods Single physical button
Mobile app tick Yes
Tablet app tick Yes
Desktop app cross No
Open source cross No
Altcoin support cross No
FIDO U2F authentication cross No
On screen 2FA tick Yes
Multisignature tick Yes
Fee control tick Yes
Hierarchically deterministic tick Yes
Shamir backup cross No
Password manager cross No
Memory card slot cross No
Not battery powered cross No
Warranty 12months
Total supported cryptocurrencies 33
Supported languages English
Interfaces Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC)
Operating systems Android and iOS
Fingerprint reader tick Yes
Hidden wallets cross No
Anti evil maid cross No
Fast destruction cross No
Face ID tick Yes
BIP39 compliant tick Yes
Physical Characteristics
Weight 5g
Width 54mm
Length 86mm
Height 0.8mm
IP rating Waterproof
Air gapped tick Yes
Touchscreen cross No

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