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Home Wallets DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet
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DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet

Reviewed by Yunis
23 February 2022 (Updated 21 September 2023)
D’Cent Biometric Wallet
D’Cent Biometric Wallet

D’CENT Biometric Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is a Bluetooth-supported hardware wallet that keeps your private keys safe and gives you a better mobile experience with the iOS and Android applications. It performs your transactions quickly and securely using your biometric data. The ability to use biometric data is also quite high-quality and highly secure in terms of security. This wallet was first released in Korea in 2020. D’CENT is a company that provides a bitcoin hardware wallet for securing digital valuables. Hardware wallets are the safest way to store cryptocurrency and are often used by users who intend to keep their money for a long period.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet is compatible with English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish languages. It is also a comprehensive wallet in terms of language support.

This wallet stands out with its biometric data. D’CENT measures 1.69 x 0.43 x 3.03 inches in dimension. Navigation is controlled by buttons in this wallet. You are going to use just the up and down buttons, the OK button, and the Back button is all located in the middle of the screen. You can change the value of numbers or move between chosen elements by using up and down buttons. On the other hand, you can confirm the item you have chosen or the value that you have entered by using an OK button. Lastly, you can delete the current input value or return to the previous menu by using the Back button. This provides you with great convenience and speed for use.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet has biometric data such as your fingerprint, but it does not have a face ID feature. You can use it if you want to register a new PIN and your fingerprint to protect access to your wallet. The large OLED display shows all the transaction details on one screen, which again provides convenience to users. D’CENT is a great hardware wallet that is both safe and simple to use.

The package contains D'CENT Biometric Wallet, USB cable, Mnemonic code card, Welcome card, Specification sheet. As stated in the user guide, you can easily activate your wallet and start using it. It is a fairly easy and convenient wallet that is not complicated. It is activated by pin code and provides complete security.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rootstock, DigiByte, Ravencoin, BitcoinGold, BitcoinCash, ERC20Token, XRP, Monacoin, Zcash, Dashcoin, Klaytn, Litecoin, ADA, BSC, Polygon, etc.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet has great reviews overall. Thanks to its design, users are quite happy to use it. It is small and light, and it fits effortlessly into your bags. The design is sleek, and the Bluetooth feature with the smartphone app is easy. This wallet’s setup is also quick and simple. It is a preferable hardware wallet in the cryptocurrency market because it is not complicated to use.

The downside of D’CENT Biometric Wallet is there is no desktop application. It has only a mobile application. So, we can treat this as a downside of this hardware wallet. On the other hand, it does not have a face ID feature. Most hardware wallets have this feature, but this wallet does not have this. This wallet offers a powerful feature on biometric data, such as fingerprints. We can't exactly show this as a downside either, but let's not go without saying it.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet is a hardware wallet with exceptional security. It is, without a doubt, one of the most secure hardware wallets available. For added protection and privacy, it has a built-in fingerprint sensor and a dedicated security chip. A secure element has also been verified as EAL5+ to protect the D’CENT wallet. It refers to the highest level of security against penetration tests. This security chip is also found in several different hardware wallets. It is also used to keep debit and credit cards safe. It has a fingerprint sensor incorporated for safe transactions. The same coins or tokens can be used to establish several accounts. It is also one of the first to provide biometric security. This wallet can also be accessed via a PIN code and includes features like two-factor authentication. Additionally, it also employs a cutting-edge multi-IC architecture with a custom-designed operating system to guard against threats.

D’CENT is a powerful platform that enables a wide range of services, including insurance, government, and financial services, as well as a wide spectrum of peer-to-peer transactions. Customers have also given excellent reviews on the wallet. Its stunning QR code, Bluetooth, and biometric authentication are just a few of the main features that have helped it succeed.

This wallet is designed in a tidy and clever manner that appeals to the eye. It’s lightweight and easy to transport. It comes with a metal base and a plastic coating. A USB port is also available for customers to connect their laptops. The device comes with a USB cable. Also, it is compatible with Bluetooth. On the wallet interface, there are four scroll wheel buttons for simple navigation. One of the reasons it is preferred is because of this feature, which provides customers with a great deal of ease. D’CENT is constructed differently than the vast majority of popular hardware wallets. Its fingerprint reader is one of the standing features that set it apart from the competition. It is one of the best biometric wallets in the cryptocurrency markets. Over 1200 different cryptocurrencies are supported by D’CENT Biometric Wallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Klaytn, and many others. It is designed specifically for the safe storage of private keys.

In general, the feedback from users is quite nice about this wallet. Whether it is the ease of use or security standards, it is a highly preferred wallet. Even though it is a biometric data feature, it increases security many times because the fingerprint is quite special data. It is more portable and user-friendly than a lot of rival items. Although the D’CENT is both secure and simple to use, users have come to expect more from bitcoin hardware wallets than just security.


tick Biometric authentication
tick Great ease of integration
tick Very high security standards


cross Little pricey
cross Physical body is not very durable
cross Not open-source

DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet Reviews

Based on a total of 512 reviews across the web for the DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet we gave the wallet an overall rating of 90%.

User Reviews
Overall User Rating
511 reviews 511
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Which Cryptos Does The DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet Support?

The DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet supports over 50 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDt and USD Coin.

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Supported Software and Platforms

Which crypto software wallets and platforms does the DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet support? The DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet supports several crypto software wallets including WalletConnect and Nifty Wallet and is supported by several crypto software wallets including Compound, Changenow and Moonpay.

Frequently Asked Questions

AYes, D’CENT supports the hidden wallets.
AIn the event that the wallet fails or is lost, it has a recovery function. The 24 recovery words provided while creating the wallet can be used to restore the complete wallet.
ABluetooth is used to connect the D'CENT Biometric Wallet and smartphone app. You can also use a USB cable to connect to an Android phone.
AThe USB cable that came with the Biometric wallet can be used to charge it.
ANo, it does not have.

DCent D’Cent Biometric Wallet Specification

Core Data
Brand name DCent
Wallet name D’Cent Biometric Wallet
Release date Mar 2020
Package contents D'CENT Biometric Wallet, USB cable, Mnemonic code card, Welcome card, Specification sheet
Input methods USB Cable or via Bluetooth
Mobile app tick Yes
Tablet app cross No
Desktop app cross No
Open source cross No
Altcoin support tick Yes
FIDO U2F authentication tick Yes
On screen 2FA tick Yes
Multisignature tick Yes
Fee control cross No
Hierarchically deterministic cross No
Certifications EAL5+ Certified
Pin code tick Yes
Passphrase tick Yes
Shamir backup tick Yes
Password manager tick Yes
Memory card slot cross No
Not battery powered cross No
Warranty 12months
Total supported cryptocurrencies 53
Supported languages English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese
Interfaces USB and FingerPrint
Operating systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS and iOS
Fingerprint reader tick Yes
Hidden wallets tick Yes
Anti evil maid cross No
Fast destruction tick Yes
Self destruct cross No
Face ID cross No
Segwit tick Yes
Legacy addresses tick Yes
BIP32 compliant tick Yes
BIP39 compliant tick Yes
BIP44 compliant tick Yes
BECH32 compliant cross No
Physical Characteristics
Weight 36g
Width 43.2mm
Length 10.8mm
Height 78.2mm
Air gapped cross No
Display type OLED

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