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Ellipal Titan Review & Prices

Reviewed by Yunis
1 April 2021 (Updated 25 March 2023)
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Ellipal Titan


Ellipal Titan is an air-gapped cold wallet. This wallet was first released in Hong Kong in January 2019. Ellipal is a blockchain technology firm specializing in bitcoin security and blockchain services. One of the most secure hardware wallets is made by Ellipal. It is a cold wallet developer company suitable for all cryptocurrency users. Ellipal Titan provides a secure and convenient cold wallet solution. Also, Ellipal Titan allows you to buy, sell, trade, and exchange coins, check market rates and view the latest crypto news. In other words, Ellipal Titan is the world's first mobile powered, all metal sealed, and air-gapped hardware wallet.

Ellipal Titan is one of the wallets with high language compatibility. It is compatible with English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese languages. This wallet stands 118x 66x 9.7 mm in dimension. Ellipal Titan stands out with its camera feature but unfortunately, it has no fingerprint feature. It has a 5 megapixel camera. You can control the wallet and enter information into the wallet with a touchscreen and camera only. Thanks to the 101 mm wide screen, you can navigate and use it easily. The Ellipal Titan is made of waterproof hardware. Therefore, it is unaffected by physical assaults. The wallet has a hard metal case which is hard to damage. It is impossible to disassemble the wallet without causing irreversible damage to its hard case. In case of the metal frame is broken or the device is opened, the chip will delete every data automatically.

Thanks to the camera feature, all communication between the application and the wallet are verified with QR codes. You don’t need to use another cable or Bluetooth. After the app is installed, your Elipal Titan wallet can generate and scan QR codes. Elipal's app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Unfortunately, the wallet does not have desktop compatibility.

Wallets with USB connections could encounter many security problems, but this is not the case with Ellipal Titan. It is a wallet that comes with a built-in defense against network assaults. It provides complete security from remote and online threats.

Ellipal Titan is one of the best and reliable wallets. Because all QR codes are verified and secure, Ellipal Titan has made its open source QR code public.

Ellipal Titan has IP65 certified according to its waterproof and dustproof properties to protect against water and dust. IP Protection Degree is the degree used to measure the resistance of mechanical or electrical devices against water, dust, or external impacts. The standards are set and ratings are published by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Ellipal Titan supports not only Bitcoin but also altcoins and networks such as XRP, ETH, XLM, USDT, LTC, DASH, and more. It is also preferred because of this property.

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tick Robust metal case
tick Air gapped operation for high security
tick Device is autowiped if a physical security breach detected
tick Allows multiple accounts
tick Large easy to use screen


cross No desktop compatibility
cross New company without a background
cross The size is not small

Ellipal Titan Reviews

Ellipal Titan has excellent reviews in general. It is one of the high quality wallets. Ellipal offers a 3.97- inch touchscreen with outstanding graphics and strong sensibility. Because it has a large screen, it is a wallet that attracts users and makes them love itself.

The downside of Ellipal Titan is no desktop compatibility. The connection of the device stands out only with its camera feature. This is provided with a QR code. As with other wallets, fingerprint, Bluetooth, USB cable connection features are unfortunately not available in this wallet. Ellipal Titan is a mobile focused hardware wallet. All you need is Ellipal device and your phone with the Ellipal application. You do not need an internet connection.

Ellipal Titan is a cold wallet with a solid metal case. In any case, its protection is quite high. It’s portability and durability are also great. As for the battery issue, it would make sense because some users and the Ellipal company have excellent battery life. It contains a 1400 mAH battery with a 259- hour life duration. All you need to charge the battery is a USB cable. When you buy this wallet, it comes in a nice box with a Ellipal Titan safety adapter, charger and Mnemonics card in it

Ellipal Titan provides you easy and safe usage. It is a wallet with air gap operation for high security. In this respect, it attracts users because everyone wants to use a safe product. If a physical security risk is detected, the device is automatically deleted. For this reason, you can use the wallet with confidence.

According to comments, QR code verifications are extremely safe. The security steps improve security, and there are numerous verification stages to ensure your safety. Ellipal Titan exceeds the whole security criteria, offering consumers peace of mind about the protection of their accounts.

Based on a total of 3,999 reviews across the web for the Ellipal Titan we gave the wallet an overall rating of 95%.

Ellipal Titan Rating
Based on 3,999 reviews
User Reviews
Overall User Rating
3,995 reviews 3,995
iphone App
2,100 reviews 2,100
App Grooves
705 reviews 705
584 reviews 584
Store Spy
339 reviews 339
Amazon UK
206 reviews 206
Amazon India
27 reviews 27
Amazon Singapore
27 reviews 27
3 reviews 3
3 reviews 3
Android App
1 review 1
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Ellipal Titan Supported Cryptocurrencies

The Ellipal Titan supports over 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Cardano.

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Ellipal Titan Specification

Core Data
Brand name Ellipal
Wallet name Ellipal Titan
Release date Jan 2019
Package contents Ellipal Titan, Safety adapter, charger, Mnemonics card
Input methods Touchscreen and camera
Mobile app tick Yes
Tablet app cross No
Desktop app cross No
Open source cross No
Altcoin support tick Yes
FIDO U2F authentication tick Yes
On screen 2FA tick Yes
Multisignature cross No
Passphrase tick Yes
Password manager cross No
Memory card slot tick Yes
Not battery powered cross No
Warranty 12months
Total supported cryptocurrencies 33
Supported languages English, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
Interfaces Camera
Operating systems Android and iOS
Fingerprint reader cross No
Anti evil maid tick Yes
Fast destruction cross No
BIP39 compliant tick Yes
Physical Characteristics
Weight 138g
Width 64mm
Length 119.4mm
Height 9.9mm
IP rating IP65
Air gapped tick Yes
Display diagonal 101mm
Touchscreen tick Yes

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