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Reviewed by Yunis
1 April 2021 (Updated 21 September 2023)

Secalot is a fully-featured hardware wallet that was created to keep cryptocurrencies and confidential user information safe. This wallet was first released in Austria in 2017. Secalot is a company that provides cryptocurrency wallet options in a form of a USB. The possibility to use a USB as a hardware wallet provides convenience for everyone. Hardware wallets are the safest way to store cryptocurrencies and they are typically used by people who plan to keep their currency for a long time. Secalot hardware wallet is compatible with the English language only.

This wallet stands out with its format as USB. Secalot measures 60x 15x 10 mm in dimension. It has a cover for USB- A connection. Also, it has two silver strips and two touch buttons on the front and back. It has no touch screen, keyboard, fingerprint, camera, Face ID feature. It consists of only physical buttons and USB features. Secalot is a simple hardware wallet with a quite simple design, easy to use, and portability.

Secalot is an open source hardware wallet. Since the wallet is open source, anyone may examine the programming underlying it. From a security sense, this is certainly a good idea. Secalot has a pin code basically. You can handle all your services with your pin code. A personalized PIN code secures your cryptocurrency in the wallet. This is the most popular safeguard employed by cold wallets to preserve your cryptocurrency security. The fact that Secalot is a hardware wallet offers an additional layer of protection.

All of the applications on the Secalot hardware wallets are compatible with devices such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. The Secalot mobile application, which is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones, allows users to access their accounts.

Secalot is one of the reliable and easy to use hardware wallets. Secalot appears to be a standard USB flash drive. This isn’t always a bad thing, because this delicate safety device isn’t readily identifiable as such. Computer login, hard disk encryption, and other security features are all available in this hardware wallet. Cryptographic activities are done by a secure processor that maintains the user’s confidential data safe.

The Secalot supports 3 major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, and Ehereum based on the ERC20 standard.

Secalot has excellent reviews in general. It is one of the high quality wallets. Secalot stands out with its design as a USB stick. Thanks to this, clients are attracted by this minimal design and easy portability. It doesn’t look like a wallet but we can say that it is more than a hardware wallet.

The downside of this hardware wallet is it isn’t widely available in the markets. Contrary to the fact that we can find a lot of other wallets, this hardware wallet is less available compared to the others. On the other hand, Secalot supports limited cryptocurrencies. It is not many supported coin types. This shortcoming is the disadvantage of this hardware wallet. In addition to these, a user guide manual is not included in the hardware wallet box. You need to log in, create an account, and then obtain a pin code to set up the wallet. The activation of Secalot is a lengthy process. There is no guide for this.

Secalot is a cold wallet with extreme safe because of its robust security mechanisms. Security is the first feature to look for in this type of wallet. So, you don’t need to have any doubts about security in this wallet. Secalot provides you with easy and safe usage. It has versatile security features including computer login, hard disk encryption, etc. So, you can give confidence to this hardware wallet without any doubt.

We mentioned above that Secalot is a PIN code-led hardware wallet. Secalot’s crypto money is protected from illicit usage via a PIN. The PIN is typed utilizing the computer’s keyboard under this situation, permitting the PIN to be read. Here we can say that Secalot is a hardware wallet that we can rely on it.

This hardware wallet is distinguished by its super hardware adapters and touchscreens. It has also adapters and touchscreens. It has also adopted various significant security related protocols, including the healing key, multiple verifications, and keeping customer secret keys in asynchronous cold storage. This hardware wallet functions as a U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) identifier and it is open-source not only software but also firmware.


tick Simple and easy to use
tick Versatile security features including computer login, hard disk encryption etc.
tick Open Source
tick Competitive priced


cross Not widely available
cross -not include a manuel guide
cross -supports BTC, ETH and XRP only

Secalot Reviews

Based on a total of 4 reviews across the web for the Secalot we gave the wallet an overall rating of 86%.

User Reviews
Overall User Rating
1 review 1
Amazon UK
Expert Reviews
Overall Expert Rating
3 reviews 3 (Dutch)
Forex Acadamy
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Which Cryptos Does The Secalot Support?

The Secalot supports over 3 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Supported Software and Platforms

Which crypto software wallets and platforms does the Secalot support? The Secalot supports several crypto software wallets including MyEtherWallet and Electrum.

Secalot Specification

Core Data
Brand name Secalot
Wallet name Secalot
Package contents Secalot hardware wallet
Input methods Physical buttons
Mobile app cross No
Tablet app cross No
Desktop app cross No
Open source tick Yes
Altcoin support tick Yes
FIDO U2F authentication tick Yes
On screen 2FA cross No
Fee control cross No
Pin code tick Yes
Passphrase cross No
Password manager tick Yes
Memory card slot cross No
Not battery powered tick Yes
Total supported cryptocurrencies 3
Supported languages English
Interfaces USB
Operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Fingerprint reader cross No
Hidden wallets cross No
Anti evil maid cross No
Fast destruction cross No
Face ID cross No
Segwit tick Yes
Physical Characteristics
Weight 10g
Width 15mm
Length 60mm
Height 10mm
Air gapped cross No
Touchscreen cross No

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