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Shift Crypto BitBox02

Reviewed by Yunis
30 March 2021 (Updated 25 July 2024)

Shift Cryptosecurity’s BitBox02 is a simple design and easy to use crypto security hardware in which you can store your cryptos. The company Shift Crypto is a Switzerland based crypto security company and founded in 2015. BitBox02 hardware wallets are manufactured in Switzerland. All wallets are Swiss made. Switzerland is known as European Silicon Valley where many of the first developments on blockchain were made. Ethereum was founded in Switzerland by a group of developers including Vitalik Butterin.

BitBox02 is a successor to BitBox01 aka Digital BitBox. The company has stopped selling the BitBox01 since 2019. The company continues to support the BitBox01 for software updates and offers BitBox01 users a discount if they want to upgrade to BitBox02. However, Shift Cryptosecurity’s wallets are open source. Open source softwares are good for innovation and differentiation thanks to community driven developments. Open sources are more reliable since the source codes are publicly shared. BitBox02 has enhanced security with a dual chip feature.

BitBox02 medium level crypto hardware wallet in which you can store your cryptos offline. BitBox02 is a USB like crypto hardware wallet. It is not a cheap basic wallet, it is not an expensive premium wallet, it is a midlevel wallet in an affordable price range. BitBox02 comes with two options; Bitcoin only Edition and Multi Edition. There is no price difference between editions.

You can connect your wallet to any computer with a USB-C port or MicroSD feature. Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth option. When you connect your device to a computer, you can use the company’s apps to navigate and utilize your device. You can buy, sell, trade, and exchange your assets easily on the apps. No personal data is stored on the company’s servers when you use the app.

You can directly order BitBox02 from the manufacturer company’s official website. You can order from most countries. Some countries don’t have access to online orders, they can contact local resellers. Shift Cryptosecurity has a wide resellers network. You will find BitBox02, microSD card, USB-C extension cable, USB A to C adaptor and rubber pulls in the box.

BitBox02 has excellent reviews overall, is very easy to use, and simple design with high security. It is in size of a USB. BitBox02 doesn’t have a screen or any mechanical buttons. There is a touch button on the sides. Not having a mechanical button on the device is a minus because buttons provide physical security. Most hardware wallets have a button and physical use of the button is a must to finalize transactions. It is an added physical security feature, unfortunately, BitBox02 doesn’t have. However, touch sensors on the sides give this wallet a feeling of a premium wallet.

Firstly, you need to download the BitBox app to start using your device after connecting to the computer. You will start with creating a PIN code at the beginning. You will not be provided 12 or 24 seed key words and write them down to hide. At the setup, you will be prompted to insert the MicroSD card. The app automatically saves your recovery info on the MicroSD card. Shift Crypto company offers a seed recovery method for users who wants to use the traditional way of wallet recovery. You can always use the MicroSD card or your 24 seed keywords to recover your wallet if the device is broken, lost, or damaged.

BitBoxApp is an official companion app for BitBox02. The app can be downloaded from the company’s official website for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The company also provides a mobile app for Android users. Unfortunately, there is no IOS app for now. There is also another app BitBoxBridge to use 3rd party connections. BitBoxBridge allows users to use their wallets with different wallet apps such as MyEtherWallet, Rabby, Bity, and AdaLite.BitBox02 is a multi asset crypto hardware wallet that supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, Cardano, and many other major networks. Support for Ethereum networks include all ERC-20 tokens.

Regarding all features, BitBox02 provides, BitBox02 is a great general use wallet not only for beginners but also for active traders. It is easy to reach from where ever you are in the world and very easy to use. BitBox02 is a little pricey compared to same tier crypto hardware wallets. Not having a screen, mechanical buttons and Bluetooth is a minus.


tick Discrete design avoids unwanted attention
tick Backup wallet to SD card
tick Very secure and easy to use
tick Swiss made
tick Open Source


cross Pricey than same tier wallets
cross No Bluetooth
cross No app for IOS

Shift Crypto BitBox02 Reviews

Based on a total of 192 reviews across the web for the Shift Crypto BitBox02 we gave the wallet an overall rating of 90%.

User Reviews
Overall User Rating
187 reviews 187
Amazon Germany
90 reviews 90
Amazon UK
82 reviews 82
6 reviews 6
The Crypto Merchant
3 reviews 3
The Crypto Shop
3 reviews 3
2 reviews 2
1 review 1
Expert Reviews
Overall Expert Rating
5 reviews 5
Crypto Frontline
Block Blog (French)
Just Mining (German)
Bitcoin Magazine NL (Dutch)
Black Swan Finances (Spanish)
Diffcoin (German)
The Coinspondent (German)
BTC21 (German)
Poddtoppen (Swedish)
Crypto Guide
The Cryptonomist
Crypto Mining Blog
Bestebank (Dutch)
Bitcoin Takeover
The Block
My Hardware Wallet
Lunaticoin (Spanish)
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Which Cryptos Does The Shift Crypto BitBox02 Support?

The Shift Crypto BitBox02 supports over 10 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDt and Chainlink.

Shift Crypto BitBox02 Specification

Core Data
Brand name Shift Crypto
Wallet name BitBox02
Package contents USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter, Micro SD card, wrist strap
Input methods Capacitive touch sensors
CPU ATSAMD51J20A; 120 Mhz 32-bit Cortex-M4F
Mobile app tick Yes
Tablet app cross No
Desktop app tick Yes
Open source tick Yes
Altcoin support tick Yes
FIDO U2F authentication tick Yes
On screen 2FA tick Yes
Multisignature tick Yes
Fee control tick Yes
Hierarchically deterministic tick Yes
Pin code tick Yes
Passphrase tick Yes
Password manager cross No
Memory card slot tick Yes
Not battery powered tick Yes
Total supported cryptocurrencies 10
Supported languages English
Interfaces USB-C and MicroSD
Operating systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android
Fingerprint reader cross No
Hidden wallets tick Yes
Anti evil maid cross No
Face ID cross No
Segwit tick Yes
Legacy addresses tick Yes
BIP39 compliant tick Yes
BECH32 compliant tick Yes
Physical Characteristics
Weight 12g
Width 25.4mm
Length 54.5mm
Height 9.6mm
Air gapped cross No
Display resolution 128 x 64 pixels
Display type OLED
Touchscreen cross No

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